Working out optimum Flight Times


I have been on Airline sim now for just over a year and I know pretty much all the basic however I am still A bit of a novice when comes too working out my interlining partners optimum arrival and departure times and even my own. I have just started long haul flights with A 737-900ER HGW to Doha and Cairo and I am not getting Sufficient bookings too Doha .Soo can some explain or give me slight hand at working out my Optimum Arrival and departure times and my IL Partners between Cairo and Doha I really would be grateful for it Thanks :). Oh I am on Meigs

Well you just need I look at your IL partners arrival and departure times and schedule your arrival and departures to compliment theres. That is if they have a larger number of arrivals at 9am and a large number of departures at 11am try and make your flight coincide with these times. Hopefully it won’t have to adverse an affect on your own hubs arrival or departure time, but that’s the risk!

I thought it would be that I just thought it was more complicated than that with transfer times etc . Thanks it’s a big help i appreciate it

Well obviously you need to look into the transfer times at Doha, but if it is a long haul route you’ll probably find the transfe time is close to your turnaround time anyway and I’m sure your IL partner has taken this into account for planning his transfers too.

Sorry for posting here but CaptAPJT has answered soemthing that bothers me : Is transfer time counted from the landing time, or from the time the turnabout is done? I mean for example if the turnabout time is 1H and transfer flight 1H15, does it mean that your next flight just have to leave 15 minutes later to complete the transfer, or 1H15?

Starting from the landing time.