WorldWide Alliance

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WorldWide Alliance is an alliance that gives new enterprises a chance by not imposing to many restrictions and requirements, all we ask for our potential members are :

Finance rating of B and above

Average aircraft age of 20 and below

All members on the same continent must Interline

All applicants can apply on the alliance’s page or our page on fornebu’s forum.

All we ask is in your apllication you state your : Finance Rating, Hub, Current Budget and your average aircraft age, if your application exeeds the 255 character allowance on this page, apply on the forum


Weltweite Allianz ist ein Bündnis, das neue Unternehmen eine Chance gibt, indem Verzichts auf viele Einschränkungen und Anforderungen, sind alle bitten wir für unsere potentiellen Mitglieder:

Finance Rating von B und höher

Durchschnittliche Flugzeuge Alter von 20 und darunter

Alle Mitglieder auf dem gleichen Kontinent muss Interlin

Alle Bewerber können auf dem Allianz-Seite oder auf unserer Seite auf Fornebu Das Forum gelten.

Alles was wir verlangen ist in Ihrem apllication Sie Ihren Status: Finance Rating, Hub, Aktuelles Budget und Ihre durchschnittliche Flugzeuge Alter, wenn Ihre Anwendung exeeds die 255 Zeichen Wertberichtigung auf dieser Seite im Forum bewerben

[color=#1C2837][size=2][font=Verdana]Hi i want to restart my enterprise AGAIN! because i have lost a lot of money and it is impossible to recover! so i’m asking you for accept me again when i go to apply for the membership again. that’s the reason because i want to restart! but you guys don’t have to be worry about because i have some plans for the future! i mean what i’m gonna do. i will lease 2 popular aircraft with the most important routes from fll and to fll, and i will try to make a good profit! and i really [size=2][color=#333333]want my company to grow up and become one of the best in fornebu and i also want that for this alliance.So, please i hope you don’t against me to be part of this alliance.[/color][/size][/font]




[color=#1C2837][size=2][font=Verdana][size=2][color=#333333]JetSpirit Airways[/color][/size][/font][/size][/color]

BritJet is based in London Luton and offers existing membersa chance to access passengers from across the UK & Europe during theirplanned expansion. We currently have 2 new DH4s on lease and they are almostconstantly full. We of course have our own expansion plans which are due tocommence in the coming weeks. Of our 10 offices, 6 are in the UK and they all havea load of between 70-100%. We have flights in and out of London Heathrow aswell as Edinburgh, Charles De Gaulle and Milan Malpensa to name a few, whichenables us to offer flights with high passenger demand and we are ideallyplaced to interline with our larger competitors where appropriate.

BritJet has a financial rating of BB and it is rising steadily as our cashreserve rises, naturally our aim is for a financial rating of AAA but like withmost things that will take time, hard work and dedication over the coming weeks.

Yes, this sounds very good to me. I would happily accept you, and I’m sure my associates would agree . As credit ratings go up and down through out the week (in the airlinesim world when you have a relatively new airline) I completely understand your circumstance (I still go from BB to AAA every week.). But you recalled your membership application so please reinstate it so we can proceed with your application process. And please be sure to remember while reconsidering that we are different from many other alliances. At least speaking for myself, I am readily available to help you work out any issues regarding your airline and am here to try to maximize your profit and overall effectiveness as a company. So we are here for support more-so than you would get in this forum and would love to add your hub and locations to our growing alliance and look forward to becoming a strong force in the airlinesim world with the help of airlines such as yours with a well thought out business plan.

Thank you and re-apply

CEO Wolff of Wolff Airways.

Thank you for your ecouraging comments. I have reapplied using the appropriate form, and I eagerly await your decision on the matter.



You have submiited the application for Deutche International ? ;)

Apologies, I have recalled that application and re-submitted one for BritJet.

I think i’m guilty of that, because I don’t know how can i accept if someone can explain me, i would be very grateful.


You go To alliance overview - memberships application - vote pro or contra

but i need to be a premium user, and i’m not!

If I were you and if you really like airlinesim is buy credits soon or you will not benefit from interlining and if you are not a premium youser you may be requested to leave this alliance as it does not benefit our cause

With. Kind regards