Wrong start and end dates in descriptions


Why are nearly all the start and end dates in the descriptions wrong?? It made me think they were ended for years so I never picked them…

IE yeager I, yeager II, quimby 8, otto IV, etc…

Also is there not a better way to format this screen, maybe a table, so it’s quick and easy to understand the differences of each world? Rather than reading through a paragraph, which is usually vague and hard to understand what they actually mean. Elkington is “classic” but what does that actually mean?

They have all ended. If you click play next to yeager 1 you end up on yeager 3

Classic servers are longterm playable. Not temp servers like Otto and Quimby.

It’s on our list to improve this view, especially with more and more new temporary game worlds starting and people having their exclusive game worlds in the same list.

Awesome glad to hear it thanks!!