Yeager login error 500 handshake failed

Title says it all, logging into yeager is impossible.

Seems as if every server is down, both public and private game worlds :sleepy:

Thanks for reporting, we’re already looking into it but I can’t make any predictions yet how long this issue will last.

Some game world are still working as normal and login is possible, but I don’t have the full count at the moment.

Gameworld Pearls is down too

Yeager is down here, Domination game is fine.

Riem is also down and need to fix

Croydon is also down.

It’s already midnight here, but I’m happy to report that all game worlds are accessible again.
With many thanks to our admin who made it happen!


Now I am getting form not secure problems in Chrome.

The information you’re about to submit is not secure

Because the site is using a connection that’s not completely secure, your information will be visible to others.

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Me too, when on mobile

The information you’re about to submit is not secure

Me three.

It’s caused by the AS servers sending a 302 response to form submits with a non-secure (http resource) “Location:” header :confused:

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Same here…
When creating a new flight, when changing the schedule time of departure of an existing flight, when assigning a new crew to a new aircraft…
Almost everytime the green button has to be clicked the message appears… Chrome as well


The not secure bug seems to be fixed, thanks