Yeouido is live!

Hi everyone,

the wait is over - our long-term game world Yeouido just rolled out! Thank you for your patience and for sharing your ideas with us, we appreciate it!

You can join the new game world here:

All details regarding the configuration and new features of the game world can be found on our blog:

English: AirlineSim Blog — New Long-Term Server Launch: Introducing Yeouido! — AirlineSim
German: AirlineSim Blog — Neue Langzeit-Spielwelt gestartet: Hier ist Yeouido! — AirlineSim

We hope you enjoy!

Is there any option to review the one holding/zero open investment countries decisions? It feels with both of those in place on a long term world you’re setting a very low ceiling for ambition and growth. Would think one or the other makes more sense

To me it makes sense to have now a long term server with these limitations. Usually some airlines grow quite fast and after a few months they are dominating most parts of the world (including open investment countries).
Most times it was like this:
Experienced players avoid open investment countries at the start as they know that they can found there a subsidiary later on. This means players are generally spread over only few countries. Some inexperienced players might decide to start in or adjacent to an OIC, but usually they will be pushed out of the market quite soon. After a few month in the game there are a handful of big players that dominate most of the world market, with little chance for other players to survive or to join the server later and found a new airline. Only a few smaller domestic markets beside the big players might be able to survive.

With no OIC and only one holding, hopefully more airlines are able to survive, and for late joiners it should be easier to find a spot to found the airline.
Yes, the growth is now limited, but this gives more airlines/players the opportunity to have a successful, big airline

This was and is exactly the idea of this experiment. Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

It also means once you have built your airline domestically, you have nothing left to do. Even better, you get to pay to continue having nothing left to do. We’ll see how it goes indeed, but given the infrequency of long term game worlds, will be disappointing if this one flops and we can twiddle our thumbs until the next one.

I would argue that if players leave the server at some point because there is nothing left to do, that’s a positive for the server. Generally long term servers are boring because nothing changes. Massive airlines stay alive and leave so little room for new airlines that only once in a while a new player joins a server. If big airlines get liquidated because the player is bored, that creates an opportunity for new players to join the server. And in big countries it often attracts at least a hand full of players. So, where there once was one, there then are multiple players.


That’s not 100% true. Beside optimizing your airline you still have the option to found a freight airline as subsidiary. Here you don’t have to consider traffic rights.
But beside this, the big airlines are usually so profitable that they overrun the open investment countries also very fast. So there might be half a year longer the option to expand, but after that you are again at the point where nothing is left to do (or everything is blocked by other airlines). Considering that it is endless game world, this half a year more opportunity to expand is not much.
No matter how the settings are, this point is coming quite soon. For big airlines that don’t have to fear new competition the only challenge is usually a low AGEX that decreases the demand.

If you don’t like that, the temporary game worlds might be more suitable for you


I do agree with Jimmy. But, I don’t personally like that you can’t invest in other countries. I do see that having a “no investment” server creates opportunities for others, but this shouldn’t be an option for a long term servers as we’ll quickly run out of things to do. Isn’t a long term server meant to be long term, and if you don’t want to play on a long term server and invest time in it, you can play on the short term servers? I think open investment would make it more realistic as you would have to start out as little as a mini pig and then compete against the big grown pigs, just as you had to do in real life.

Can configs be changed mid game world?

Most aspects of configurations can’t be changed mid game, at least not without some serious issues. For example on Historia the server runs at an increased speed, meaning that for every 1 day, the game world progresses by 1 month. At the start of the server this speed was higher, but it was decided it was going a little too fast, the speed was adjusted. But as a consequence the date also moved back a bit. I can explain it, but that’s besides the point, which is that changing a configuration mid game, even if technically possible, can have unforeseen consequences. So, it’s better not to do it, and as far as I know AS never does.

A few tings that can be changed is demand for example, the addition of new airports, updates to the ORS and last year the fuel price calculations were adjusted for all servers.

There seems to be a few strange things happening with aircraft prices in the new server:

The 787-9 is more expensive than the 787-10 as well as that the 338 is the same price as the 339X for example. This is somewhat weird.

The A359 should be in the same price category as the 787-10 so to make things comparable the 787-10 should be higher priced.

I like that the A339 is now cheaper than the 787-9 what is reflected in the capabilities and the A350 should be more expensive than the 787s but the internal relations are not really given at the moment.

To understand this change in aircraft prices, one has to see beyond pax capacity and start to consider things like max range, flexibility, etc. You mentioned that 781 should not have been cheaper than 359, which I respectfully disagree and give you the following reasons to consider. First, the 359 has a longer range than 781. While you can easily do EWR-NRT with high density configuration on the 359, the same thing can’t be accomplished with the 781. Secondly, for players who wishes to dabble in the LCC market, they can configure the 359 with 3-4-3 in economy, but the 781’s cabin width does not allow for that. I would say that although the 781 has its merits, the 359 is the dominant option in a lot of ways.

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Anyone have any opinions on the aircraft types available in the server? I find it quite strange that my competitors are operating planes that are +35 years old lol. I wonder what the reasoning was for having such ancient aircraft types(e.g 747-100,727, A300) in the the server. Thanks

It is quite ridiculous that the game mechanics can be exploited in this way. Buy 35+ year old planes, as many as you can to fill as many slots as you can and the ORS doesn’t seem to care about age even if it shows a red bar in the flight ratings.

It’s so predictable… there will be 4 or 5 airlines dominating the game as usual having used this startup method which is not much fun for everyone else. Start a new long term world with no used aircraft and I will renew my credits when they run out.

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