0 percent load on a route between two large airports; Thessaloniki (SKG) and Moscow Domodedovo (DME)

Hello everyone, like the title states for whatever reason I am getting 0% load factor on my route between Thessaloniki and Moscow, which I do not understand, because both airports are big, with the first being 6 bars and the latter being 9 bars. Someone please help me why this is happening. I have had bad load percentages, but I have never had 0 percent. Also for some reason there is a cargo load.

It might be that nobody wants to fly that route.

I had a quick look and wondered why I couldn’t find your flights in the ORS… So I looked up your airline and saw it’s based in Hungary - therefore it won’t have traffic rights from SKG to DME. You should route those passengers trough BUD instead.

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Ahhh thank you for your help, makes sense. Cheers!