2 flights on one time

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Recently started playing this sim and while the learning curve is steep, I'm enjoying it immensely! 

I was wondering about something though, and hopefully you guys can enlighten me. What happens if you have a route planned on a certain time, and plan another on the same time? 

Example: I planned Las Vegas - San Francisco on 4 days departing at 6:10 and then activated that flight planning, but later decided I wanted to fly another route at that time, so I took out LAS - SFO and replaced that route with LAS - ABQ. The route LAS - SFO was already in the ORS though, so the plane was double booked with both LAS - SFO and LAS ABQ on the same time (6:10). I decided to cancel the planned LAS - SFO flights myself, but what would've happened if I hadn't done that? Would the plane fly the first route planned?

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it will just cancel one of the flights

i can't remember which exactly, but i think it will be the one depart later if there is a time difference between the departure time, but if it's the same time, AS might just cancel the  second flight showed on your schedule page (I'm not so sure about this, never have this situation myself).

te firstflight will be flown, the second cancelled as the aurcraft is obviously ine wrong location.

it is quite unlikel that there are two flights at the same time as AS works with seconds which you can’t see. the flights are ordered chronologically, though, so it is clear.

should two flights actually be scheduled to depart fhe same second, they are sorted by flight ID which you also can’t see.

none of that is important as the flight losts you see is the flight order AS works with. so it’s alwayw the second one that gets cancelled

Thanks a lot for the replies, seems obvious! 

A followup question: how come I sometimes get bookings on my flights outside of the regular 24h cycle? 

I think those bookings come from connecting flights as then the booking is calculated at the calculation time of another airport.

Exactly. You have a flight from A to B. Additionally, you or an interlining partner of yours offers flights from C to A. Furthermore city D lies within A's ground network. So you don't only get bookings when city A is on its turn on the update cycle, but also at time C (displayed as internal or external connections at your flight information page) and time D (displayed as direct passengers) if they wish to go to B.