5th freedom connections

Questions about traffic rights and 5th freedom:

I currently have an Air Bleriot flight LYS-ABJ-NSI.

I also have a subsidiary, Bleriot Afrique, based in ABJ (which has open traffic rights). The two airlines interline.

  • Will Bleriot Afrique passengers interline ABJ-NSI vv or is this flight solely limited to continuing passengers on Air Bleriot from LYS?
  • If I introduce other Air Bleriot flights into ABJ, for example CDG-ABJ, will those passengers interline on to the ABJ-NSI tag? (i.e a scissor hub without local traffic rights).


1) Pax from France will be the only ones that will be able to take ABJ-NSI leg

2) Pax form France on CDG-ABJ will be able to be booked on ABJ-NCI, as those pax originate from France from where you have traffic rights

Thanks. Also- can I confirm that although my parent company is French, my Cote d'Ivoire subsidiary still enjoys the benefits of the Yamassoukro Agreement?

Yes, IC. is unrestricted country so you can establish subsidiary there and it will enjoy "Yamoussoukro Decision" traffic rights