737-900ER and 737-9 HGW - too long take off roll?


I noticed a problem with the data of 739-900ER of all subvariants and 737-9 HGW on Yeager world. I operate these for example on Baltimore to Fort Lauderdale, and I noticed that they do not get a full load from FLL to BWI. They have a max take off distance of over 4 km entered in their data, which I think is wrong. All official Boeing sources tell about slightly less then 3000 meter for the 900ER variant (http://www.boeing.com/assets/pdf/commercial/airports/acaps/737sec3.pdf, page 72). For all other types (Classic and NG) the charts in the document match the line in “Sea level, Standard Day, max TOW” exactly.Just the values for 900ER and 9 HGW not.

I think a correction would be needed…

Please use a search function it’s been discussed recently and explained.

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