A to B via C

Trying to do a flight from HKG to Tokyo Narita via TPE but it appears that it will not allow me to pickup passengers in TPE.

-Is it possible to change that?

-if so how can i do it?

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New to the game and learning as quickly as i can!

No that´s not possible, you do not have the transport permission for passengers in Taiwan.

You just have the permission to pick up passengers in your homecountry and countries with unrestricted market access.

You can find some more informations here -> http://en.airlinesim.aero/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

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I’ve already been having a look through the wiki and I just want to confirm that it is not possible to aqquire traffic rights?

thanks again

Traffic rights are tied to your holding’s home country. You can only transport passengers between that country and others (with some additions if a treaty is in place, or if it’s an unrestricted market). You can’t acquire additional rights.


quick questions on transfers…

B to A passenger changes at A to go to C

How long would the passenger wait in the terminal?

on all servers they wait a maximum of 8 hours except devau there they will wait up to 15 hours

those poor souls in devau…

Thanks for the info


But from my own experience on devau , they normally don´t wait that long because the market is quite saturated … there are always enough transfer-connections within 10 hours ( at least in industrial countries) 15hours might be true for some blank spots in Africa etc.