A220-300 Trans- Atlantic Service?

Hey everyone,

I’m just wondering why i was getting zero load factors on my service from DUB - BOS and DUB - JFK. Have the aircraft config’d to all 5 bars for seats and service with interline agreements with US airline but no demand? my price is even lower by $100 than the competitors.

Here’s the airline if you need to look. https://fornebu.airlinesim.aero/app/info/enterprises/66671?5&tab=0

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Traffic rights.
Your holding is based in Hungary. While you are free to fly everywhere within the EU, you are not free to fly from everywhere outside the EU. You can fly Hungary-USA but not Ireland-USA.

wtf. in real life you can. Open Skies???

Norwegian, Primeria , La Compagnie, XL? smh.

That’s ruined my plans

I know but there are rules in real life and others here in AS.

If I registered a subsidiary in Ireland would that work?

No - your holding is the one and only regarding traffic rights.

Equally your AYT-LTN flight should be zero loaded

Thank god open skies does not exist in AS. Imagine if EU airlines could also have 1000 787 flying every long haul route. This at least allows some chance for airlines in other countries in the EU.