A320 heavy fuel consumption


I was just planning on future expansion and noticed that the A320 "heavy" burns less fuel than the "light" version while "medium" is the most thirsty one. (Server Nicosia)

Is that correct or an error that might be subject to change?

I'm just asking because all other variants usually burn more in their "higher range" version. If you compare the A319/321 the "heavy" always burns the most. The same for 737s, the HGW variant always burns more than BGW.



I don't know if it is an error, but you are right.

The light and medium have the same fuel consumption per cycle, the heavy burns slightly more fuel per cycle. But the heavy uses the least fuel per kilometer, and that more than compensates for the higher fuel consumption per cycle.


I found the same for the CRJ Jets. For example the CRJ700 burns more fuel than a CRJ900 LR, so I guess it’s not a bug or something for the Airbus…just seemed odd to me

Where exactly you can see the fuel consumption per cycle and per kilometer? All I see is the total fuel consumption in ASA$ in aircraft evaluation tools... also neither under aircraft details can I see anything about fuel... so where exactly can I see these fuel-related details?


go to the aircraft performance tool (via the aircraft details page).

Enter the same airport for departure and destination. The fuel consumption you then see is the fuel consumption per flight (for take-off and climbing to cruise altitude).

Enter two different airports. Take the fuel consumption, subtract the fuel consumption per cycle and divide by the number of kilometers. The result is the fuel consumption per  kilometer.


Thx sobelair