About transit flights

Assuming that A B C are airports with same scale.

Basing on airport B, I have several flights between A-B and B-C. Recently I scheduled a flight A-B-C (A-C via B ) I want them operating just like seperated flights while saving the transfer time,and passengers do travel A-C via B.

But it turned out some major differences… the separated flights A-B, B-C were always fully booked but A-B-C were under 40%, they were at the same price of course.

Is it possible that passengers do not like being “a part of transit flights”?

Thanks a lot!!!


I don´t understand that part and I´m quite sure there is a misunderstanding somewhere, but I don´t think you can save any time at all doing a via-flight instead of 2 direct ones.

to your problem:

  • Do you use the same planes, do you have the exact same seat configuration, the same price, the same on-board service ?

If not, that may be the problem.

  • Do you have passenger transportation rights on A-C ?


  1. I’m using 737-700 for both routes same price and configurations at all.

  2. 737s need 40mins to turnaround, and my hub’s min. transfer time is 1h, so I think I might save 20 mins by scheduling a via-flight. It’s a domestic flight so I should have the transportation rights.

but I realize that the demand could be different because of the schedule of my IL partners’ flights, I am just not sure that the effect could be so significant.


If passengers don´t need to change the plane, then their transfer-time is less then the airports minimum transfer-time. Or am i wrong, and this only counts for via-Flights??

Yes, they keep sitting in the aircraft.

Especial actual for the flights within Russia.

How I know, in Alirlinesim not different between transit pax and transfer pax.

Such a sad. ((

If pax flying from A to C via B without change flight number, pax must be in "transit status", and for this pax-category must apply the special fare (incorrectly apply the two fares A + B and B + C). But unfortunately, in AS impossible to set such fares.