Air Cargo Center

So I am new and just curios to what the Air Cargo Centres is as I run a cargo airline and how they help me.

Any help appreciated.

Every time you fly cargo from one airport to another, you pay a charge to AS Holding for cargo handling - 25 AS$ per cargo unit. The idea of a cargo center is that player A builds a center, which costs him a certain amount and provides a capacity so many CUs per week - typically about 1,000 AS$ per CU. Player A can then either use the center himself, or offer it to other players. Either way the result is the same - if player B signs a contract for so-and-so many units per week, he pays a flat rate rental to player A, so A gets the money and not AS. The advantage to B is that if player A offers the contract at a lower handling rate than AS uses, then his cargo handling costs are lower.

There are some caveats -

  • B has to explicitly assign the service contract to his routes

  • if B sends less cargo on the route than he contracted, he still pays the full flat rate to A

  • if B sends more cargo on the route than he contracted, or didn’t assign the route, he pays AS for the additional cargo handling, plus the flat rate to A.

So you have some extra work managing the contracts.

If you’re new, you might want to look at any available offers from existing cargo centers. Building a cargo center normally only makes sense if you are sitting on a huge pile of AS$ money and have no other use for it.