Aircarft leasing


A player starts to lease aircrafts to other players and then

quits the game for whatever reason, is company is then disolved or



[/b][/u]What happens to the aircrafts and the leasing

contract his company issued?

Are the contracts turned over to and honored by

AS, or the aircrafts are just returned to the selling pool and the players

that had a leasing agreement just looses these aircafts?

The contracts are taken over by AS leasing. If the lessee cancels the contract, the aircraft are put up for sale.

But only for aircraft that are less than 3 years old, I think… Or am I another few versions behind on current standings on that matter as well? I never leased aircraft old enough that they might suffer from such a situation… ;)

As far as I know from the experience of a friend this does work for all aircraft ages. He had leased B737-200’s which definetely are more than three years old. After his lessor went bankrupt the contracts where taken up by AS and continued until he reset the company, then the aircraft of course where returned to the sale market.

I know it’s a bit off topic, but may I ask what happens with terminals if an airline that constructed them goes belly-up?


Terminals disappear in thin air. Terminals are also assets/investments you can’t sell. Once you build one, you are stuck with your terminal. You even have to pay to get rid of it.

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THX for the answers…

Polar Bear.