Aircraft Maintenance Ratio. Please help!

As per the picture, just bought a 787 and plan to fly it from SYD to ICN. However I can’t as the performance ratio was 0.

My question is, how do other airlines fly longer routes with the 787? I’ve seen a lot of airlines flying 787 in a much longer routes everyday. How do they even manage to do that? For example, I have a few airlines flying 787 from SYD to LAX daily! SYD to LAX is 12,031km while SYD to ICN is only 8,281km!

Is there anything that I am not aware off? :blink:

i see you don’t have min 2 hours/day for maintenance

The maintenance needs at least 2 hours to be performed, In this case you either have to leave out two days of the week or set the schedules so that the plane has an exact break of two hours between the flights. In times shorter than 2 hours no mantenance can be performed.

A schedule with one daily (very) long haul flight needs more than more aircraft to allow enough time for maintenance. As "Yb" wrote: you have to reduce the schedule on two days (e.g. Tuesday and Friday or Wednesday and Saturday) to allow technical service. The gap will probably more than an aircraft realyl needs and this allow you to schedule your aircraft on some much shorter routes.

For example I have 187-seat Boeing 757ERs which are doing some very long flights (Medan to Istanbul). Such a distance prohibits a daily rotation. However the three weekly flights are not the only ones done by this 757. The aircraft also flies shorter domestic routes to increase utilization.

Some shorter long hauls allow a daily rotation and I have a number of red eye flights with late evening departures and early morning arrivals at the destination. I scheduled them very often the way that they have a little more two hours at the destination before their return flight. This also reflects a nice schedule like a real timetable with an arrival at 5:15 AM and a departure ab 07:20 AM (the latter is the morning departure at a more convenient departure time an more than 2 hours on the ground.


To fly this kind of route, either you have to fly alternate days somewhere else, or you have to stagger the departure times. That means using a different flight number each day - AS won’t let you assign the same flight number to different departure times. I’ve attached an example.