Aircraft sale - can I change the price?


 I have a Dash-400A for sale on Meigs (HK-0226X), and as there are no takers so far, I'd like to change the asking price  - but I can't figure out any way to do it.  When I go to my holding company, I can see the A/C in the market on offer at $19.2 million, but as the owner, I can't see the A/C, neither in the market,  nor in the fleet - I can only see it in the Asset Management page, where it's listed with purchase price and book value of $22.7 and $22.5 respectively - why can't I alter the sale conditions? Does the plane now stay on sale until St Crispins Day, or what?

Go to the aircraft market and switch to the tab "Your Offers". As long as there are no bids, you can withdraw the offer.

Great, that works. It's kind of confusing though.