Aircraft types

Hello everyone! I’m currently running into a very wierd problem…I’m running a line between Ottawa, Canada(YOW) and Toronto, Canada(YYZ). I have 2 plane types operating in that route. The Bombardier Dash8-Q100A and the LET 410UVP.

Since i’ve started operations, the Dash8 has been the primary plane that operates between these two airports. I’ve ran into a problem of image of my airline because the 3 Dash8 aircraft were over 20 years old and this wasn’t helping. I decided that i would switch to the LET aircraft and i order 10 new planes. Some have arrived just today and i’ve decided to put them into operation. What i’m having issues with is that my Dash8 operated flights are filling up 100% while the LET operated flights have 0%. It is very strange. I don’t think it is a question of demand because the demand is there.

Are there any solutions to getting people to get on the LET operated flights? In the near future, i’d like to completly get rid of the Dash8 due to their age, but with this strange issue, my plans are all uncertain. Any help?

And a side question…how do you get those airline sigs in the signature of each forum post? I’ve been looking around and i can’t find the link to make one.

Side Answer = Go here Link

Thanks for that!

Seating? Service? And if the planes just arrived TODAY, you’ll have to wait 3 days to see if they fill up, if that’s literally what you mean.