Airline Names

I'm starting up an airline in Brazil on Fornebu and I'm out of ideas for a airline name.

Here's a list of all of the names I came up with, feel free to suggest some or make a variation on one of the names:

Air Brazil

Brazil Jet

Fly Brazil

Brazillian Airlines

Brazil Airways

Brazil Air

I can't come up with a name that refers to Brazil or South America that doesn't mention Brazil or South America in an obvious way. Any suggestions? :)

Brazil on Fornebu is pretty much taken up. There are some other servers where you can find more space.

Edited: Tempelhof and Gatow have pretty much quite some available slots at GRU and lots at GIG and BSB.

Yellow Diamond Airlines?


"Amazon Airways"

use the word Samba...?

Samba Airways

Carioca Airways

Aerolinhas Paulistas

Aerolinhas Federais do Brasil

Or any combination of those

Capoeira Airlines -- "Dance, Kick, Fly!"

Caipirinha Airlines

Aerolineas Loca