airport flight available amount is real?

is that airport’s flight available amount real?

Sorry, but I don’t understand you - you can ask in spanish or portuguese too if this would help you.

I think he wants to know, if the demand in AS (and its airports) is equal to the demand in the real world.

In connection to his other thread - one of numerous ( :D ) - he pretty sure means if the amount of available slots at the airports is real.

yes, something like that. is the slot amount real? is the airports withstand maxmium flight amount real?

Recently, with the merger of the German and international game worlds, there was a data update as well. This introduced increased slots based on runway capacity. Since at almost all major airports in the world this isn’t the major bottleneck (the terminal/handling capacity is), this means that the number of slots were increased on many airports. These are real figures, even if in the real world the actual capacity is lower. But since we don’t have the terminal restrictions (users can build them themselves) or handling restrictions (AS has infinite capacity), it made no sense to restrict slots based on real life constraints, so instead we have increased slots at airports that have many runways (AMS, ATL, ORD, etc.).

飞机场的“时段” 容量应该是差不多象真相的。 客人的数量也多少象真相。


不好意思,我中文今天不太好啊 。。。。。。:)

English: The availability of slots and passenger demand/supply is imitating reality and relatively close.

Does that answer your question sufficiently? :)