All flights delayed?

Hello Folks,

It’s been the second day by now that all my flights have been delayed for about 2-3 hours. Though they are not displayed as delayed. It just looks like the server (system) is running two hours behind shedule? For example: It is now 16h39 local time in Brussels and the flight from Bari (BRI) hasn’t even arrived yet. Altough it should have landed at 14h45. (see printscreen attached) The flight scheduled for Turin was expected to depart at 15h57 but obviously hasn’t?

Server: Kaitak

Any suggestions?

Don’t worry. Kaitaik is delayed by about two hours at the moment.

When you have a look at the bottom of each page, you find a link: game status - if you click there, you see this page: http://kaitak.airlin…app/info/status

There you can see, that Kaitak is working behind schedule right now. But it works a bit faster then real time, so just wait some hours until it has catched up and is on time again.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Now I know where to check the game status to see if there are any issues.