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Today American SKY starting daily flying service to Washington, DC Dulles where the hub of DC Air is located. DC Air is our partner in this joint venture. While we are waiting for our fleet of 80 factory new planes to be delivered we have acquired an used 1 year old A318 to serve IAD daily. The used A318 fleet will expand to 10 while we will also be acquiring 50 A319Es from the used market. This route is for crew training, marketing and collaboration with DC Air employees. All our brand new A320 family aircraft are delivered from the assembly lines of Toulouse and Hamburg where they are built using very professional craftsmanship.

A livery unveiling event was held in Seattle at the gate the gate before departure, this was due to the fact that our own state of the art hangars are currently in constructions and can not be used. The livery involves various shades of red and purple. The purple symbolises the american flag as it is a secondary colour crated by mixing red and blue which are the colours of the American flag. The shade of red we use is the official shade used on the presidential flag and the lines on the tail are legitimately placed to the same ratio as on the flag. These small details are aimed at showing our strong "Americanism". As it has recently been proven Americans do not in particularly like foreign things. As they so much dislike their closest neighbour we though if we show our Indonesian identity we would be very disliked because when looking at it we are no more than an Indonesian company. We thereby have to use this false "American" stereotype to our marketing to not in any way seem foreign.

we will receive our American operating certificate on the 25th until then we will only fly flights with not paying passengers and hope to make a low altitude fly by in most US cities to show our American identity. 



American Sky has joined The Unity Skies Alliance, the worlds most prestigious and fastest growing alliance. Operations have already been launched from New York´s La Guardia Airport which is the most central airport to the cosmopolitan city of New York. We operate flights to over 50 destinations of which four are Trans Atlantic from La Guardia. Currently we are dominating at the airport, offering the largest number of destinations and operating most flights. We offer the highest image in the world with over 90 in every class. 

Official revenue flights where launched yesterday with flight USA5001 flying between the Washington, DC and New York. The great President Donald J, Trump was on board on this inaugural flight operated by the revolutionary Airbus A320NEO. He was delighted to finally announce that America has an official flag carrier. Unlike the currently existing Indian goddess mumbo jumbo. American Sky has officially taken on a contract to be the official carrier for the Government of the United States completely for free, saving American Tax payers hundredths of millions a year compared with the cost of chartering aircraft. Welcome on board A new fresh airline!


Today American Sky added it´s 100 daily flight from La Guardia Airport which is the closest airport to New York City. Over 70 destinations and three continents are daily served from La Guardia. An Orlando HUB has also started being built. Today also 10 A321 Aircraft have been unveiled simultaneously as operations have been launched from Seattle. Ten of our brand new A321s wear an American-DCAir livery with the title "Better Together!" symbolising the American and DCAir are better together. Currently we try to share as much as possible between us in order to cut costs through a combined operation. For the moment being American does not have it´s own operations centre and does instead share operations centre and staff with DC Air. An operations centre is under construction. It is currently being built in Seattle. We also perfectly supplement each other.  Many aviation analysts praised the new livery special livery:



American has expanded to serving over 100 destinations across America! Serving almost every state. We offer thousands of flights each week from our three American hubs. We currently employ over 6000 and together with DCAir constant recruitment is in progress with 500 people recruited each day. We have founded a sister company which separably operates 10 short runway capable 737-800s which fly routes on behalf of American with American branding and staff to remote short runway destinations one of these destinations is Key West where America´s mainline aircraft cant reach thereby there is a need of special aircraft for short Runway capabilities. Unlike our competitors who operate props on these routes we are determined to operate large jets in order to offer the American people what they want which are reliable, fast, safe, cheap and comfortable journeys. 

So far only La Guardia has only started half of it´s flights with the other half following tomorrow which should total the number of flights per day offered to be 100. Orlando has yet not started it´s 100 daily flights but they shall start flying tomorrow, connecting the Caribbean and beyond. Seattle is currently in the scheduling stage with 50 daily flights offered, within a week this number shall be at 200. We are proud that with so far 600 flights operate none has been cancelled and no route has been deleted which yet again symbolises our reliability.


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American Sky is going seriously Long Haul. With the acquisition of our first 777-300 we are going long from Orlando as well. We already fly long haul from La Guardia with A320 family aircraft but now Orlando will be properly served with the biggest twin engined jet. We plan to acquire at least 20 777-300, 15 777-300ER, and 20 777-200ER aircraft to build a proper long haul fleet for American. These aircraft will also be used for cruise charters as we have contracts with some of the biggest cruise ship companies. They will be configured with over 250 seats in a luxurious configuration. This is a surprise that American will use this pretty unfavourable aircraft but the CEO answered that the 777 better fit our configuration than 787. A new engine title has also been applied with stating "Want to see America?", This is meant to apply to the intercontinental passengers where we largely focus on connecting long haul to the most extensive network in America with hundreds of served destinations across America. 



Minutes ago American´s operations centre was inaugurated at Dallas. Even though Seattle is our headquarters Seattle is a pretty remote destinations and far away from the large Trans Atlantic market. There is no possibility to build anything around La Guardia thereby Dallas was choose as the ultimate location for our new Integrated Operations Centre. From tomorrow DCAir will no longer be handling the operations of American which have previously been handled by DCAir at Washington, DC. Due to the proximity to Tampa our new Operations centre will also handle DCAir´s flights from Tampa as DCAir is expanding into Chicago Midway. The CEO stated that "A real airline needs a real operations centre to take care of it´s operation". As we are expanding Intercontinental we needed a common place to house our operations which we now thankfully have. Welcome to American Operations Centre! Here is time lapse of the construction:


The decision has been made to base all current 777-300 aircraft at Orlando International Airport. From Orlando they will be serving London and Paris daily as well as six times a week serving Geneva and ever Friday Amsterdam will be served. The aircraft fly in a luxurious 252 seat configuration with 210 passengers in our comfortable recliner economy seat (the same used for all Global Group carrier including IndoSky and CBE Airways) and a luxurious wide full flat bed for business. These aircraft wont offer any first class neither does any other Global Group carrier. Our business class is like a first class on other carriers and it is a lot cheaper. If truly insisting on First Class we recommend flying DCAir who have it on International and certain domestic flights. We are a modern carrier made for a time when First class is unnecessary and not desired. We also believe that if we offer less classes we will better serve and market our selfs in these specific classes thereby being the best at what we are doing instead of over extending. We also believe that everyone shall afford to fly well with airlines who know how to cut costs and the fares we would offer for first class are just too high for the average consumer. Our first class fare would be at over 3000 AS$ or a transatlantic flight while our business fare for the same flight is just 1500 AS$ which is half the price for more or less the same thing. Lisbon and Porto are also served from Orlando using A320NEO machines. Our Transatlantic expansion has launched a new campaign for us marketing ourselfs as an airline for both sides of the pond both for Americans to see Europe and for Europeans to see America. 



As the CEO love the 777-300s so much he just had to get two more of them to fly Long Haul from Orlando. These two new planes will fly four times a week to Madrid, three times a week to Dublin, Vienna and Frankfurt and once a week to Zurich. We welcome you onboard this large and luxurious aircraft.

We would also like to celebrate being the biggest carrier at La Guardia and the second biggest at Orlando International. We have also launched a hub at Las Vegas flying to 40 destinations.


Each day we offer four daily flights between Portland and Seattle. Once a week one of the thousands of passengers flying this route will be able to win a flight from Portland to Seattle exactly like this one:

This flight is also between Portland and Seattle and it´s one of the best scenes in one of the best movies. The CEO has been heard grunting "I would Rather fly an Airbus A321 than an Airbus H130". Both Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker are available in the personal in flight entertainment screen on all American flights. Enjoy a fantastic flight with some fantastic entertainment. Fifty Shades Freed is planned to be premiered on board American flights though the CEO will watch it on the other side of the world in a cinema.


Value by American is a new subsidiary of Global Group USA which also holds American Sky. This is a new airline aimed at operating direct low cost flights throughout the United States. Value is based in Miami unlike the rest of the American Sky which is based in Seattle. In order to not influence the luxurious American Sky with the "cheap" ideals Value and American wont share staff. All operations are completely independently run. Four A321-200s have already been acquired these will be based in Miami, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles respectively. Seven A319s and one A320 are also on the way. The A321s are configured with 192 seats with 24 big front seats. Even the Value class is not that bad as all seats have IFE with thousands of movies and tv series as well as footrests. All passengers in all classes get a free meal during their flight. The confrts are certainly "comfortable". Value does in no way plan to have a consistent network neither do we want connecting passengers we are purely a no frills airline. 

All Diamond Sky points passengers can fly Value completly for free if desired with no whatsoever cost when booking. Gold Members only pay 10% of the fee when booking Value. Value is meant for all passenger to have the opportunity to fly with atleast some creature comforts. Fly Value for the Value!

Anybody sees the carrier I am influenced by?


Finally a fleet strategy has been put in place. Currently we have 139 planes:

  • 56 are A320NEOs with 50 delivered brand new from Airbus and 5 leased from IndoSky with atleast 4 more in preparation to join American from IndoSky. These are the workhorse of our comapny and based in every hub exept for Seattle
  • 40 A319E; All have been leased from the used market with 4 leased from IndoSky, a further 10 are on the way to join our fleet. All four hubs have these
  • 19 A321E; All delivered brand new from Airbus with an original order for 30 but down scaled due to financial issues, one more in the process of joining. Five based in Seattle and New York while 9 are based in Orlando, the Seattle ones might be moved due to poor loads, replacement would be A320NEO
  • 10 A318; All exclusively based in Seattle flying mainly to rural NWT and Northern US destinations. 
  • 5 777-300; Two based at London Gatwick flying to Orlando and Las Vegas and three based at Orlando. Only 777-300ER will be delivered in the future
  • 3 777-200ER; All based at New York La Guardia. Seven more are planned to join the fleet.
  • 3 767-400ER; One based at Orlando others TBD. Seven more planned to join the fleet.
  • 3 767-300ER; Bases TBD. Seven more planned to join the fleet.
  • 10 737-800 Operated by American Hiawatha Airlines on behalf of American, DCAir and US Wings, mainly to Key West 

When the funds exist 50 additional A320NEO and 50 A321NEO will be ordered. As our current long haul fleet plans revolve around 50 777s and 767s. When enough capital is raised an order for 100 787-8 and 787-9 will be placed in order to replace and expand our long haul fleet. The 777-300ER is currently planned to stay but might be replaced with A380s in the future if enough demand is found. Currently the Global Group (holding to American SKY) is the largest A380 operator.  

Currently the fleets at our hubs are, in size order:

  • New York La Guardia; 31 A320NEO, 5 A321E, 8 A319E and 3 777-200ER
  • Orlando International; 17 A320NEO, 9 A321E, 7 A319E, 4 777-300, 2 767-300ER
  • Seattle Tacoma International; 15 A319E, 10 A318, 5 A321E, 1 767-300ER
  • Las Vegas McCaran; 10 A319E, 8 A320NEO, 1 777-300


American Short Runway has re branded to American Hiawatha Airlines honouring the true founding father of America! The ten special 737-800s have been replaced by an order for 40 CS300 as well as a planned commitment for 50 CRJ700 NextGen (5 have so far joined the fleet) aircraft and a planned 20 CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft (5 have so far joined the fleet).


Thereby we are currently an all proud Bombardier operator. American Hiawatha Airlines will be the airline of the middle planning to take on Denver and Dallas, Honolulu and Anchorage as hubs ran independently while supplementing American Sky operations at Seattle where loads are poor. American Hiawatha Airlines operates as a competently different entity. Most flights are operated on behalf of American even though the person Alpha Mike code is used while American uses the Uniform Sierra Alpha code. The code sign used is Hiawatha. All aircraft are painted in the full American livery. The same economy class seats as American uses are used at Hiawatha but instead of the 140 degree slopping beds which American uses Hiawatha uses the ultra luxurious full flat beds which are a slimmer version of wider full flat beds used on American´s 777 aircraft. Salaries and uniforms are identical. Cabin Crew unifroms are "American Pink" while the purser uniforms are white, pilot uniforms are also "American Pink". 


We are currently recruiting 500 CRJ pilots who will be recruited from the pool of unemployed pilots but we are also looking for 320 CSeries pilots. We will take care and pay for the training. First year first officer salaries are around 54,000 AS$ while first year captain salaries start at 97,000 AS$. Further more we pay for all expenses on layover, we pay for education for children and for healthcare for the entire family as well as transport to the airport. All employees are Unity Diamond members and receive 10,000 sky points each year which equal around seven Trans Atlantic Business class flights to be used on all Unity Skies and certain partner carriers such as FROG Airways, Fly Turkini. AVENAS and Abu Dhabi Airways. We want our staff to fly! Crew bases for American Sky are Dallas, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando and Seattle. Hiawatha has separate crew bases at Dallas, Denver, Honolulu, Seattle and Anchorage. We would also like to celebrate reaching 10,000 employees at American Sky without your hard we would not have existed. 


Initial American Hiawatha Airlines operations have been announced. From the own operated hub in Salt Lake City 26 destinations have been announced with the fleet at the location being CS300s and CRJ1000s with future CS300 and CRJ1000 deliveries to be based there. The operations from Seattle on behalf of American Sky using CRJ700 machines are flying daily to 15 destinations across America and Canada where larger jets would have been inefficient. We have already reached 1000 in the Hiawatha team! Currently Global Group USA employs 11,000 people while the Global Group employs 50,000! With each day our team is growing. Join the Global Team!


Today American Sky celebrated four major milestones. First is that we are now flying to all The United States of America. The last state on the list North Dakota had nonstop service commence today from Las Vegas and New York to Fargo. Fargo is thereby our 183th destination operated by American Sky Mainline, 205th destination operated by Global Group USA and 300th destination operated by the Global Group! Service from Seattle to Fargo will be added in the coming days. Bismarck the capital of North Dakota is also expected to shortly receive service. Thereby mainline American flies 1000 flights each day across five continents with American Hiawatha flying a further 100 daily flights. This is a huge celebration but the CEO does not intend to stop here he say "American will fly 10,000 daily flights". The biggest announcement is that we are one out of two carriers offering service to all 50 states!

Our last but not least Milestone is launching Dallas as our first focus city. The primary idea was for American and Hiawatha to collaborate in Dallas/Forth Worth running it together in a similar fashion as Salt Lake City were America´s larger machines operate the core routes. The idea was later dropped as Dallas has ridiculous landing fees and we are not willing to pay such fees just for CRJs. This is yet another attempt on invading Ganesha right where it hurts as we do with their headquarters in Las Vegas where we even insist on taking off from runway 1L in order to fly by their headquarters and as we will start doing in Salt Lake City. Sadly they do the same for us at out Seattle headquarters where they currently dominate the traffic. Currently 12 destinations on 215 weekly departures are offered from Dallas with extension plan to 500 weekly departures ones the resources are allocated. We have mass advertised throughout the whole city and offering thousands of free flights in order to gain reviews and experiences. We are sure that ones a passenger has experienced us he will never again fly anything else and wont stop talking positively about us!



A further new 777-200ER, two almost new 767-400ER and a ridiculously cheap five year old 767-300ER have been acquired. These new additions are putting us on path to having a 20 plane long haul fleet. With these further additions we will start flying across the pacific. These new trans oceanic routes will be launched together with over 100 new routes across the Americas with both American and American Hiawatha:

  • Beijing and Seattle
  • Las Vegas to Beijing, Sydney and Guangzhou
  • Dallas to London
  • Orlando to Rome, Istanbul and Abu Dhabi

We look forward to working with our strong overseas partners on these routes which all will be code shared. 


American now flies 300 city pairs to 189 destinations! Together with the world leading alliance Unity Skies we fly to 1493 destinations! Again Unity has been given a dominating position as the alliance flying to the most destinations. This is all thanks to the great members choosing to fly in Unity where we work in unity to better serve the ever changing economic world! Yet again the management would like to thank all members for working towards this goal. The next goal will be to be the biggest in passenger nubers and revenue!


As Denver operations are for the moment not looking brilliant the CEO has instated "Order 66" which if activated would move all 12 Denver based aircraft to Las Vegas and offer over 500 employees based at Denver either the opportunity to relocate to any other American, American Hiawatha, DC Air, CRX Express USA or US Wings hub or be laid off. The Current Unity bases in North America to which Denver employees can be relocated to with the same salary but working conditions determined by the specific carrier are Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Washington, Salt Lake City, Fairbanks, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Chicago or San Francisco. 

Global Group and Unity Skies employees will always receive priority when applying at other Global Group or Unity Companies. Employee transfers within the Global Group happen without retraining and only a one week "Brand Value" course needs to be taken when the employee will learn the basics of the new brand and how to appropriately represent it, specific conditions and ways of service, local customs as well as learning the history and specific values which the company applies. Employee transfers within Unity Skies are conflicted and some carriers including Global Group carriers accept it but some do not. Nevertheless Unity Skies works hard to offer personnel similar salaries (based on job) and brilliant staff mood which the Global Group currently offers. 

So your CEO is Emperor Palpatine