Anyone interested to help me with a logo?

Hey guys,

I hope you’re having a great day. I’m looking for a logo for my airline, I tried making one in photoshop but I really suck and eventually I made it in paint lol. If anyone can spare a couple of mins to help me with a logo I would really appreciate it.

The airline is called Bosnian Airlines and the colors are blue and yellow. I’m trying to make it as a national carrier for Bosnia and Herzegovina so a little bit of motivation from the defunct real-life national airline wouldn’t hurt. But feel free to use your own creative freedom.

Here is a pic of RL defunct carrier logo:

Here is a pic of mine made in paint lol

Something like that?

Hey man, thanks for your help! I was thinking something like the RL logo but placing a little star on B, and full name Bosnian Airlines, wasn’t really thinking going full with the flag because it would look weird on the flight schedules. But if you have any other idea feel free to use your creative mind haha, it doesn’t have to be a small star, it can be anything.

edit: I made this one, if you or someone want to improve on it I would appreciate, anyways I’m kinda happy with it.