Are small seats in business class allowed?

It looks like there are some players in bleriot are using standard seats in business class and support team is not doing anything on this after I reported them.
To my understanding using anything below leisure plus in business class is prohibited since 2014. Is using small seats in business class now allowed? Thank you for helping.

How long ago did you report them? I’ve seen people say sometimes it takes weeks to get some reports read/closed. I know in the past the account gets a warning and messages to fix the problem before they just shut everything down.

hey there, sorry for the wait - i just answered your messages!

As this might for public interest (i’m not aware of something like this.), maybe you can make public clear if such a rule exist or not?

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I don’t think there is a rule regarding this. I think it is technically determined by the market. Using small seats makes you more money but can also make you uncompetitive.

I’ve never heard of this either. Is this a rule?

If you search in the forum, you can see there are plenty of discussions back in 2014 about this.
for example: [EN] Usage of small seats for higher income on Aspern server

After conclusion of the Team and the members of the UAB it is apparent that we had to act since a few airlines used SlimHD seats for Economy Business and First Class Seating.

Thank you very much for helping. Please understand the urge— it is kind of frustrating seeing someone gaining an unfair advantage and still playing after a few weeks.

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I raised this too with the support team and they confirmed the following:

“While Standard seats (and seat types below that) should be a bit too small / cheap for Business and First Class, Leisure models should be fine for use in Business Class.”

Imo this should be added to the game rules as I was unaware of this restriction too. Especially considering airlines have been reset previously for not following this. (I’ve personally never used below Leisure + for Business)

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I agree that codification would be nice. Not that it was ever in consideration inside my airline portfolio, but would be nice to have it clarified.

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hey everyone, thanks for the feedback! i based my stance on this topic on some precedence cases where it seemed that standard seats and seats below that were considered too small for business / first class. it’s true though that this isn’t explicitly listed in the game rules - i’ll check how we can handle / communicate this going forward :slight_smile:


You can’t really expect to search the forum for 8 year old discussions about actions that are perfectly fine for the game.

8 years and nobody is able to write into the rules or change cabin editor accordingly? :thinking:


The problem is you have people who abuse the system then switch seats later after they are already 10x the size of everyone else. [redacted] is an example of someone abusing the system in the new server and yet zero is done to them. Shouldn’t be that hard to just remove the seat options from the drop down menu or to cap prices based on seat type. It’s not capitalism until there’s saturated markets until then it’s just abuse of the system and very unfair practice to everyone else. It’s not hard to look and see airlines 20x the size of everyone else with the same start dates. Sure there should be some larger than others but the numerical outliers are abusing the system using tactics that were supposed to be banned. IE [redacted]

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Hey there! There are ways to apply constructive criticism about the game without name-calling individual users whom you have grievances with on public forums. That is also against this community’s guidelines. Please refrain from doing that :slight_smile:

If you believe an individual user is breaking any rules, you are more than welcome to refer them to support :slight_smile:

As @jetcruise0707 has said: If you find someone is acting against the rules, please report them through the respective channels within the game. No public name-calling, please.

Everyone: We’ve discussed the topic (again) internally and are working on a revised response to this sort of behavior. But don’t expect too much. We won’t be “slapping on arbitrary seat size limits”, because those would just limit player choices yet again. On the other hand, the “empty market at start” is a completely artificial problem specific to a game like AS and without a real-world analog. If we tackle this issue for good, we need to do it through changes in AS’ product rating formulas or demand generation. And that won’t happen over night and likely not in existing game worlds.

But I’ve already said more than I probably should…this is evolving :smiley:

And what have you done with your reporting? I can tell you, not much. You give a warning to someone who’s already abused the system. Yet they keep playing on with their already dominant footing. Now I remember why I left years ago. You’ve discussed it but done nothing and can’t fill a server anymore because of it. Use to be each server was capped out. How about your revised response be an immediate ban? People pay for this. It shouldn’t be their job to find and report someone. How hard is it to look and see airline finances that from the start are abusively high?

Well if you have an empty market you can change rating formulas as you like, doesn’t matter as long as the rating is good enough to fly. As you have already stated the problem is “empty market at start” you need to fix that (start with lower demand for example) or there will always be some kind of artifacts that some exploit. On established existing game worlds this problem does barly exist so there is no need to change something imho.

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Exactly, and for that early phase, there just isn’t any good solution. It’s all a squishy matter of “where to draw the line”, either in terms of minimum seat sizes or in terms of “acceptable profits”. Or what counts as short enough of a distance to allow “small seats”. Or what counts as a “saturated market”. And whether that market only includes direct connections or all of them. So many factors one could take into account, but no easy answer along the lines of what @ToiletDuck seems to have in mind.

I don’t know how much relative demand the worlds start with (and i guess you won’t tell :wink: ) but it seems it to high? Was there ever a shortage of demand for the players at the start of a new server? Maybe one could at least reduce C and F starting demand?

I think it would work pefectly fine if AS would prevent the use of small seats in business class for all servers. In real life, no airline would fly with standard seats in business class - and if so, they would have 1 unoccupied seat in a row. This scenario cannot be done in AS but allowing business class only bigger seats than TBD seats would be easy and also useful.
My 2cents.