US Capital gets UK link

This week one of Britain's largest airline AERO BRITAIN has started it's 2nd Transatlantic route to the United States capital Washington DC. The new daily connection is Linking two of the World's major capitals and will be an excellent route for both Leisure and Business passengers. The new service is being operated by one of our newly acquired DC-8 offering 4 GlobalFirst, 30 GlobalBusiness and 114 GlobalEconomy class seats offering some of the most up to date around as well full meals and plenty of entertainment to keep the customers occupied on  the flight.

The flights BAW215/216 both provide plenty of connections to/from a multitude of UK & European services. Already we are aiming to double the service to a twice daily service giving our customers even more options



As well as the new Long Haul service we have also significantly increase our domestic & European services. The Swedish capital of Stockholm joins our network with a twice daily offering. Not only that but we have added a 5th daily frequency to Amsterdam, Dublin & Belfast, a SIXTH to Manchester, a 3rd to Copenhagen and a 2nd Daily to Jersey and Hamburg. With all the attention on the Long haul service we wanted to make sure we continued to provide more and more convenient connections onto our European Routes.

We now offer 473 weekly one way flights a week from London/Heathrow to 22 destinations around the world with more expansion to follow. We already have 5 more IL18ds on their way to be delivered so there will be more routes offered very soon.








I love all your topics about your airlines and really enjoy reading them. Just a small question why do you stop your airlines? You have had very awsome airlines on all servers but why do you delete them? Keep it going I reallly enjoy reading them as you make it so real.


Hi Christian

Thank you very much, sometimes its a case of too much competition and sometimes I get a bit bored with it. I do still have my Canada Airways airline but im going through a consolidation period so not really much news at the moment

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So are you flying to an Andean country south of Panama, or to a backyard of one of New York’s universities?








This week, with the addition of two more Douglas DC8 aircraft Aero Britain has been able to start a BRAND NEW route to MIAMI. Daily flights to the "South Beach" will begin over the next few days where we will offer 148 seats per flight across 3 classes (4 GlobalFirst, 30 GlobalClub & 114 GlobalTraveller).

On this the CEO said "For a long time Florida and specifically the Miami/South Beach region have been a glaring hole on our US map. Now we are excited that we can offer customers our famous British standard of service on the route"

The new schedule are as follows

BAW205 LHR1010 - 1336MIA DC8

BAW206 MIA1600 - 0526+1LHR DC8

Miami becomes our SEVENTH usa destination from LHR taking us to TEN DAILY FLIGHTS we operate transatlantic from London/Heathrow to the country.

Not only this but we have been able to further increase frequencies on our routes to Bangkok, Hong Kong & Boston. Although they have been operating for less than a week it shows the success of BKK & HKG that they have gone from 3 to 6 times weekly in a matter of days. In addition Boston is getting an EIGHTH WEEKLY  flight which will be increased further in the coming days.

Schedules are as follows:

London/Heathrow - Bangkok Service increased to 6xWeekly NEW SATURDAY FLIGHT

BAW31 LHR1540 - 0950+1BKK DC8 x7

BAW32 BKK1310 - 1720LHR DC8 x17

BAW32 BKK1210 - 1620LHR DC8 7 NEW

London/Heathrow - Boston NEW Eighth Weekly service

BAW213 LHR0950 - 1110BOS DC8 1 

BAW214 BOS1710 - LHR0430 DC8 1

London/Heathrow - Hong Kong Service increased to 6xWeekly NEW TUESDAY FLIGHT

BAW23 LHR0700 - 0240+1HKG DC8 2

BAW24 HKG0525 - 0816LHR DC8 3

With two more DC8 yet to be delivered we will be continuing with the frequency increases aswell as starting our new Johannesburg service.

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With two more IL18Ds joining the fleet, Doha based airline Aero Qatar has been able it's first services to India (Delhi) and Kuwait. They will be service Twice and Once daily respectively and are joining an ever expanding network. Not only this but we have also increased our services to Bahrain and Jeddah, where both gain a daily flight each.

The operational changes are as follows:

Doha - Bahrain Service increased to twice daily

QTR871 DOH1635 - 1714BAH IL8 D

QTR872 BAH1800 - 1839DOH IL8 D

This is timed to provide seamless to Delhi, Muscat and Dubai as well as Bangok (TBA)

Doha - Delhi NEW twice daily service

QTR502 DOH0235 - 0937DEL IL8 D

QTR500 DOH2000 - 0302DEL IL8 D

QTR501 DEL0405 - 0555DOH IL8 D

QTR503 DEL1800 - 1839DOH IL8 D

These are timed to provide connections to/from the majority of our network.

Doha - Jeddah Service increased to three times daily

QTR821 DOH1410 - 1642JED IL8 D

QTR822 JED1742 - 2014DOH IL8D

Connections from Delhi, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi are provided as well as Mumbai from IL partner Aeroworld India

Doha - Kuwait NEW  Daily service

QTR901 DOH0715 - 0836KWI IL8 D

QTR902 KWI0925 - 1046DOH IL8 D

With two more DC8s and a single IL18 still to be delivered we will be looking to continue to increase our India and middle east service as well as starting our Bangkok service. Future routes will be Mumbai, Singapore, Paris and Tel Aviv.

[url=http://postimage.org/]Aero_Qatar_SKY_CONNECT_SMALL.png[/url] CONNECTING IN LUXURY





With the delivery of its Fokker F27-500, brand new Nairobi based airline Kenyan Air has announced it first routes to Mombasa, Kisumu and Eldoret. The aircraft is configured with 48 Rafiki and 6 RafikiPremium class seats and is being deployed on daily services on the routes.

Schedule as follows:

Nairobi - Eldoret NEW Daily service

KN2000 NBO0730 - 0826EDL F27

KN2001 EDL0850 - 0946NBO F27

Nairobi - Kisumu NEW Twice Daily service

KN2030 NBO1600 - 1700KIS F27

KN2012 NBO1930 - 2031NBO F27

KN2031 KIS1725 - 1825NBO F27

KN2013 KIS2055 - 2155NBO F27

Nairobi - Mombasa NEW Daily service

KN2010 NBO1130 - 1255MBA F27

KN2011 MBA1315 - 1440NBO F27

All these flights are planned around providing connections on to future routes farther afield. With our IL18s and DC8 due to be delivered we will be announce further routes in the coming days.

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Yet another milestone for UK based airline Aero Britain is occuring this week with the acquisition of the "Queen of the Skies" the BOEING 747. The aircraft is possibly one of the most recognisable aircraft in the skies with travelling on one often seen as being in complete luxury. Our Boeing 747-400 seats 347 passengers in complete luxury, which is around a 67% increase over our next largest aircraft the B777-200.

The aircraft is configured with 24 GlobalClub flatbeds on the upper deck, 12 GlobalFirst in the nose of the plane on the lower deck, with 32 more GlobalClub Flatbeds behind them with 279 GlobalTraveller recliner seats also on the lower deck. We are deploying this to two of our most prestigious routes - NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES. The 747 will be operating 3 flights per week to LA and a Sunday service to New York. This frequency is the start of a FIFTH DAILY service we will be starting to New York. With this being possibly the world's most premium route we need to offer as much premium as possible. We now offer around 92 GlobalFirst and 572 GlobalClub seats a week we have a huge amount of premium offering on the route.

We already have a third B777 on order which will be used to replace a further DC8 on LHR-JFK giving even more seats per week.

New FLight schedule is as follows

London/Heathrow - Los Angeles Service increased from 8 to ELEVEN times weekly

BAW283 LHR1515 - 1717LAX 744 135

BAW284 LAX2057 - 1515+1LHR 744 135

London/Heathrow - New York JFK Service increased from 28 to 29 times weekly

BAW009 LHR0735 - 0915JFK 744 7

BAW010 JFK1150 - 2329LHR 744 7

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With the addition of the 4th and 5th Douglas DC8 growing Doha based airline has added two further destinations to it's route map - Bangkok and Paris. Being a major alliance hub Bangkok was always going to be our next Long Haul route after London due to the huge amount of connections possible. Already the route is exceedingly popular with it likely to go Twice Daily in the following days.

Paris is possibly the cultural capital of the world with millions of visitors all over the world. And with our growing network we are making it easier and easier to travel there.

In addition to these we have also increased our Bahrain route to FOUR TIMES DAILY. The fourth frequency is another early morning service due to the huge amount of transiting passengers arriving in at around midnight the demand was there to add a further service. Not only this we also have a lot passengers transiting onto to our 7am services to europe and Saudi Arabia.

The new Schedule is as follows

Doha - Bahrain Service increased from Three to Four times daily

QTR863 DOH0315 - 0350BAH D8L D

QTR864 BAH0510 - 0545DOH D8L D

Doha - Bangkok NEW Daily service

QTR301 DOH0205 - 1225BKK D8L D

QTR302 BKK1630 - 1850DOH D8L D

Doha - Paris/CDG NEW Daily service

QTR041 DOH0720 - 1120CDG D8L x3

QTR041 DOH0730 - 1130CDG D8L 3

QTR042 CDG1535 - 2335DOH D8L

We plan to acquire 2 more DC8s which will be used to increase Bangkok to Twice Daily and potentially a FOURTH frequency to London/Heathrow.




IL18s AND DC8 delivered

With the eventual delivery of the IL18s and DC8 aircraft, brand new airline Kenyan AIr has significantly increased it's network with the addition of FIVE NEW ROUTES as well as a service increase to Mombasa. Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Dar-es-Salaam, Johannesburg and Lusaka have all joined the growing network. This provides more and more destinations to visit for our customers as well as much larger network of connections on offer.

Bangkok is going to be our flagship route. The route is going to be a major transit point on the Asia - Africa network especially being a major alliance hub.

Schedule is as follows

Nairobi - Addis Ababa NEW Three times daily service

KN201 NBO0730 - 0940ADD IL8 D

KN207 NBO1300 - 1510ADD IL8 D

KN203 NBO1605 - 1815ADD IL8 D

KN202 ADD1200 - 1410NBO IL8 D

KN208 ADD1545 - 1755NBO IL8 D

KN204 ADD1930 - 2410NBO IL8 D

Nairobi - Bangkok NEW Three times weekly service

KN001 NBO2348 - 1220+1BKK D8L D

KN002 BKK0125 - 0600NBO D8L D

Nairobi - Dar-es-Salaam NEW Three times daily service

KN301 NBO0730 - 0900DAR IL8 D

KN305 NBO1700 - 1828DAR IL8 D

KN307 NBO2330 - 0058+1DAR IL8 D

KN308 DAR0500 - 0628NBO IL8 D

KN302 DAR1000 - 1128NBO IL8 D

KN304 DAR2030 - 2158NBO IL8 D

Nairobi - Johannesburg NEW Four times weekly

KN701 NBO0730 - 1011JNB IL8 D

KN702 JNB1115 - 1555NBO IL8 D

Nairobi - Lusaka NEW Six times weekly service

KN451 NBO2300 - 0118+1LUN IL8 x3

KN452 LUN0150 - 0608NBO IL8 X4

Nairobi - Mombasa Service increased from One to Three times daily

KN2014 NBO0700 - 0807MBA IL8 D

KN2016 NBO2300 - 0007MBA IL8 D

KN2017 MBA0440 - 0547NBO IL8 D

KN2015 MBA0840 - 0947NBO IL8 D

We will continue to look for further connections in Africa and Asia to increase our network further

Kenyan_Air_small.png THE HEART OF AFRICA



In a suprising turn of event, the AB Group of airlines has announced it's intention to start a new ALL-CARGO airline - AB CARGO


AB Cargo is a new Amsterdam based cargo airline. Being based in Amsterdam - one of Europe's biggest cargo hubs and is a major global exporter and importer of goods and our aim is to provide services for this. We aim to utilise partner hubs of Kenyan Air, Aero Britain and Aero Panama where we will provide services from Amsterdam via those hubs with potential to be Regional hubs for the airline.

We have 4 McDonnell Douglas DC-8-62AF aircraft, offering the perfect combination of Capacity and Range. The DC8s can carry approximately 41 ton at around 6100km of range giving us a global reach.

Touted as initial destinations are London, New York, Doha and Nairobi.

[url=http://postimage.org/]AB_CARGO_SMALL.png[/url] GETTING YOUR FREIGHT THERE



Today, officials at the Central American country Panama's largest airline Aero Panama announced a deal with Russian manufacturer Ilyushin for acquisition of TEN more of its IL18D aircraft. The airline already has 15 of the type in its fleet.

The CEO said "IL18s are a perfect aircraft for our operations with outstanding range at decent capacity. These will be used for both new routes and frequency increases on existing routes"

Currently Aero Panama operate around 44 daily flights to 17 destinations in North and South America. It is the largest airline at PTY with almost a 1/3 of the market operating into Panama. Rumours are the next routes will be destinations in Colombia, USA and Brazil as well as some Caribbean islands. In addition there are rumours of PY executives in discussions with executives at Airbus and Boeing of Longer Range aircraft to extend the airlines reach over the continent.

[url=http://postimage.org/]Aero_Panama_v2_SMALL.png[/url] CONNECTING YOU




Today AB Groups brand new All-Cargo airline AB Cargo has announced it first schedules thanks to the arrival of it's first of 4 DC-8-62AF aircraft. The aircraft offers the airline 41ton of space per sector and impressive range. Our first Three destinations are London/Heathrow, Doha & Nairobi. All 3 destinations are the hubs of fellow AB Group Airlines Aero Britain, Aero Qatar and Kenyan Air.

These 3 routes have been requested by the group as they can be used for any outsize cargo or as an overspill on any flights. Not only this but through the interline agreements our customers have access to a global network via the 3 airlines' hubs offering even more opportunity to send cargo.

They are operated on 3 routes as follows:

Amsterdam - London/Heathrow

This is a twice weekly service operating on a Monday & Saturday. This is timed for connections onto Aero Britain's transatlantic services as well as being used for any freight to large for the IL8s operating BAWs LHR-AMS service.


AB9603 AMS0500 - 0448LHR D8X 16

AB9604 LHR0550 - 0738AMS D8X 16

Amsterdam - Doha - Nairobi - Amsterdam & Amsterdam - Doha - Amsterdam

We are operating a triangular routing so as to enable quicker access to customers into our AMS hub. Amsterdam - Doha (And the return service) allows us access to the Aero Qatar global network offering plenty of onward connections beyond Doha. Not only this but we suspect a major cargo product will be machinery and Pharma products with Petroleum products going both ways.

Between Doha and Nairobi we expect Petroleum products to be the predominant source of traffic on this route due to it being a Major export commodity of Qatar and a major Kenyan Import.

Rather than going back via Doha to Amsterdam we felt the need of potential customers is better served going direct. This is because Flowers will be a huge export commodity from Kenya to Netherlands so we felt with this temperature controlled service is better suited direct.


Amsterdam - Doha - Nairobi - Amsterdam 4xWeekly Service

AB9601 AMS0300 - 1057DOH D8X x146

AB9601 DOH1205 - 1615NBO D8X x146

AB9602 NBO1655 - 2248AMS D8X x146

Amsterdam - Doha 2xWeekly service

AB9611 AMS0300 - 1057DOH D8X 4

AB9613 AMS0900 - 1657DOH D8X 1

AB9612 DOH1145 - 1542AMS D8X 4

AB9614 DOH2045 - 0042+1AMS D8X 1

When more freighters come onboard we will starting more services, with the likelihood of services going east transiting via DOH.




Today, London/Heathrow's leading airline Aero Britain has accepted delivery of it's THIRD B777-200 aircraft. Configured with 12 GlobalFirst, 48 GlobalClub & 171 GlobalTraveller seats this aircraft is joining it's sister planes in operating Transatlantic to the USA.

Rather than being deployed to New York this plane is being used to DOUBLE our flights to Chicago's O-Hare International Airport to Twice Daily. We will be adding more seats and more connection opportunities to Chicago now as we will be adding 3263 return seats a week on the route.

Schedule is as follows

London/Heathrow - Chicago/ORD Service increased to Twice Daily

BAW297 LHR1030 - 1204ORD 772 D

BAW298 ORD1535 - 0509+1LHR 772 D

This now means we offer 166 return services a week to the USA with around 28,800 available seats to the country.


Bucking the recent trend of focusing on LHR long haul, AERO BRITAIN has agreed a deal to acquire THREE MORE DC8s which will be based at the carrier's leisure operation at London/Stansted. They will be used to expand the airline's offering in the Caribbean & Florida (With Orlando/Barbados set for route increases) as well as new flights to Turkish and Egyptian holiday resorts.

Cargo_Ethiopia_little.png FLYING FOR YOU




This week Nairobi based airline KENYAN AIR has agreed a deal with Russian manufacturer Ilyushin for the acquisition of two more of it's IL18D aircraft. They will be configured with 95 Rafiki and 15 RafikiPremium will be used to bolster our operations within Africa, as well as starting a new service to Doha - linking up with partner airline AERO QATAR.

We are also looking to acquire a 2nd DC8 aircraft to enable us to increase frequency to Bangkok as well as start an all new service to India with Mumbai likely to be the first route.

Kenyan_Air_small.png THE HEART OF AFRICA




With the delivery of Three more Ilyushin IL18D aircraft, Panama's largest airline Aero Panama has embarked on a phase of route expansions as well as two brand new routes. Bogota, Caracas, Houston, Managua & Manaus all get frequency increases.

All these routes carry a lot of transit passengers as well as having a fair amount of O&D passengers travelling the routes. The addition of these routes will allow us to increase our connecting passengers as it making previous low demand connections viable. Currently we have around 30% of our passengers which are transiting through PTY to a final destination.

Operational Changes are as follows:


PY312 PTY2130 - 2308BOG IL8 D

PY313 BOG0420 - 0558PTY IL8 D


PY564 PTY2050 - 2359CCS IL8 D

PY565 CCS0415 - 0624PTY IL8 D


PY21 PTY0900 - 1256IAH IL8 D

PY22  IAH1400 - 1956PTY IL8


PY999 PTY0730 - 0814MGA IL8 D

PY1000 MGA1015 - 1259PTY IL8 D

Panama City - Manaus Service increased to Daily

PY766 PTY1530 - 2056MAO IL8 D

PY767 MAO0300 - 0626PTY IL8 D

All these flights are timed within our various connecting banks throughout the day to provide ample choices for passengers wanting to book on our flights.  Some of the new flights are timed fairly close to other flights, but this is due to the amount connecting passengers going on the flights.


On top of these route increases we have started two brand new routes to NEW YORK JFK and BELEM. Brazil and USA are two of the largest markets in the world so we needed more options than our current services. New York, arguably the business and tourist capital of the world joins our network with a daily service. The flight is scheduled to seamlessly connect to/from our destinations south of Panama.

Belem one of Northern Brazil's largest cities and the leading Educational and Cultural centre. It attract thousands of tourists each to witness the old colonial town and its amazing architecture. Not only this but it is a growing financial centre with an ever expanding Skyscraper area meaning more and more businesses are locating in Belem. As with New York the flights are timed to seamlessly connect to/from our Northbound departures.


Panama City - New York/JFK NEW Daily service

PY830 PTY0730 - 1330JFK IL8 D

PY831 JFK1445 - 2049JFK IL8 D

Panama City - Belem NEW 3xWeekly Service

PY760 PTY1505 - 2317BEL IL8 135

PY761 BEL0200 - 0612PTY IL8 246





Due to the rapid success of our first flights, new all-cargo airline AB Cargo has decided it will start a NEW Monday nonstop service from Amsterdam/Schiphol to Nairobi Jomo Kenyetta. Already we are seeing a lot of cargo booked on our service via Doha ranging from Petroleum products to Personal effects so we felt to better serve the demand of our passengers a faster direct service was needed. This will not be at the detriment to Doha service as this means we can offer more capacity to Doha from AMS and from Doha itself to Nairobi.


AB9605 AMS0425 - 1418NBO D8X 1

AB9606 NB1830 - 0025+1AMS D8X 1


Seen as probably 3 of the biggest cargo hubs worldwide it was inevitable that we were going to serve them. Major exports to all 3 destinations will include Petroleum products, Chemicals & Foodstuffs among many others whilst imports into Amsterdam will include Godiva Chocolates from New York, Reexports from Dubai and Toys/Electricals from Hong Kong plus many others.

Schedules are as follows

Amsterdam - Dubai 4xWeekly Service

AB8990 AMS0230 - 1144DXB D8X x123

AB8991 DXB1325 - 1639AMS D8X x123

Amsterdam - London/Heathrow - New York 2xWeekly service

AB9403 AMS0500 - 0448LHR0800 - 1129JFK D8X 67

AB9404 JFK1254 - 0033LHR0135 - 0323AMS D8X 17

Amsterdam - Doha - Hong Kong 2xWeekly service

AB9401 AMS0200 - 0957DOH1150 - 0034+1HKG 24

AB9402 HKG0225 - 0453DOH0555 - 0952AMS 35

These new services also mean we operate 8 flights per week to Doha (around 656 tons of capacity per week) and also 4 flights per week to London/Heathrow (328 tons of capacity per week) giving our customer even more options to those destinations also.


Due to requested demand AB Cargo has also decided to operate a 6 weekly feeder operation into the UK and Ireland with an Amsterdam- Nottingham/East Midlands - Dublin flight. The flights are timed to connect onto our longer services as well as to feet our early morning east bound services.


AB9880 AMS1816 - 1807EMA1850 - 1938DUB D8X x7

AB9881 DUB2050 - 2138EMA2220 - 0011AMS D8X x7

The departure from AMS allows seamless connection from our flights to Dubai & Doha (As well as interline partners) whilst the arrival time back into AMS is ideal to connect onto our East bound services to HKG,DXB,NBO & DOH.



Today is a monumental day in the history of the AB Group of airlines as two of the subsidiaries are publically listed. Aero Qatar and Aero Panama will be listed on the local stock exchanges with the intention of around 20% of the shares in the company will be on offer.

Aero Qatar is a Doha based airline serving destinations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. With the capital raised more IL8s, DC8s and potentially larger aircraft will be acquired, significantly expanding it's global footprint.

Aero Panama is an all IL8 aircraft airline aiming to capitalise on the vast North/South American transit network. Situated in central America gives Aero Panama a perfect chance to be the airline of the Americas.



Also today is the announcement of the SIXTH airline in the AB Group of airlines. Aero Argentina will at the end of the week begin operations from Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport, with the aim of being the leading carrier in Argentina. Working closely with Skyconnect member Brasil Airways, the airline will aim to be the preferred choices when travelling to Southern America.


The airline currently has 10 Ilyushin IL18Ds on order from the manufacturer as well as 2 McDonnell Douglas DC8 aircraft. The IL8s will be configured with 95 CondorTraveller and 15 CondorClub seats. These will be used for domestic services within Argentina as well to some potential regional destinations in Chile, Uruguay & Brazil.

The DC8s will be configured with 130 CondorTraveller and 30 CondorClub seats and will be deployed on long haul services with Miami, Sao Paulo and Panama City (To link with Aero Panama) will be among the first routes served.

Both classes will either get a meal or snack on every flight as well as a complementary drinks service along the way.

[url=http://postimage.org/]Aero_Argentina_small.png[/url] Travel, your way