ASRank, A new third party ranking

For those who want to keep an eye on your competitors. I found a new website, providing daily insight of airlines growing around every corner of the world.

Otto: The owner of the site promised to update Otto report daily.



I personally prefer using ctrl+F to locate my airways on the page.


Interesting! While it only shows a very specific aspect of airline size, it can at least give a rough estimate of an airline’s worth during early stages (In my case, it’s pretty accurate). On established game worlds, where people tend to buy their fleet, it doesn’t work anymore though.

Interesting in itself, but unfortunately I don’t know how the values are calculated. According to ASRank, my main airline has a value for the fleet of almost 5.4 billion. If I look at my balance sheets, there are 3.7 billion in the deposits and 19.7 billion in the value of the purchased aircraft.

Probably standard lease rates on all and ignoring buying vs. leasing.

Don’t see much use in it other than for newly launched game worlds maybe.

For newly launched game, the value of security deposit and flight equipment(seats) will be enough to reflect a airlines’s real financial progress. Also the reason not counting the purchased aircraft in new game is there exist a case that new player would try to buy a new plane with credit. For instance, few million can actually loan purchase a a320 into his fleet, despite airlines might bankrupt in weeks.

But for established would, current configuration seems like not good enough to reflect the real competitive power as derpendja’s case mentioned.
Purchased aircraft will be take into account of their list value in the next report for Xiguan, Hoover, Riem and Aspern.

And how are you going to account for X billions of cash held in the bank by the established airlines? Or for terminals ? Or for stock investments ?

This ranking is really useful only during the first 6 to 8 weeks after the Gameworld starts, when everybody leases and spends every free dollar on expansion.

Very appreciate the feedback from plays of established server.
The ranking it self initially was an idea to help players to achieve success in short-term world. And this is part of my spare time thing. Before it officially online, I have tested it on the past few newly launched world, and getting continues feedback from dozens of players who have pretty good strategies to improve AsRank. AsRank is trying to give a better experience for anyone in this community.

For what you are asking, AsRank is a ranking on Fleet Values, apart from the built in pax/cargo Statics. The reason AsRank would not going to account for cash at bank, terminals investment, or stock investments is same as why AirlineSim not rank all the airlines in the game by their money(cash/investment overall). It’s way too utilitarianism. I insist AirlineSim is about Airline Managing rather than only for making profit.

But your points still stand in my opinion, as I deeply understand how you gonna feel when holding billions of cash in hand while opponents does not. As I said, it was founded for short-term world initially. but I could use your suggestions and more from the community’s to help AsRank improving the quality of ranking in the next half of the year.

Can whoever created this tool please shed some light on how it works and where/how it gets its data? Note that 3rd party tools that directly access AirlineSim to read data are prohibited without prior written permission.

It’s flattered to be called as a tool. Basically, AsRank is a personal blog for now. It is inspired by AsRouteMap(@Matthias Karl), and the way it works is exactly the same method as AsRouteMap work but I feel sorry to tell the feature it has been developed probably only 1% of AsRouteMap has contributed to the community.
If more detail is required, pls don’t hesitate to PM me.

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The question is:

  • Does it automatically fetch data from AS servers?
  • If so, which data and how often?

We don’t usually prohibit this kind of access by tools useful to the community, but we’d like to get an idea of what we’re dealing with.

Details has been sent by PM, pls check.

Great tool, thanks for sharing.

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Beta Quimby Ranking has been released on ASRank.

We have made following changes:

  1. Support aircraft depreciation (both deposit / value)
  2. Improved seat configration prediction

The beta version is still under the tests, everyone is welcomed to help us improve our rank.
Support of aircraft depreciation also will be rolled out to the rest of the ASRank.

Will ASRank support Yeager?