ASRouteMap - No Otto option on statistics page

Wasn’t sure where to put this. I know ASRouteMap is a separate site but I don’t know any other way to contact the owner of it, so this seemed most appropriate.

There’s currently no option on the statistics page that works for Otto. Both Otto options are older worlds (Otto iii and Otto iv). Would it be possible to get the statistics page world options updated so the current version of Otto works?

Variables that can be added to the link that I know of:

WPH=[IATA CODE] (centre of map for things like ranges etc)
C=[company ID] (company’s route map to show)
N=[Alliance Name] (spaces denoted by %20)

The first variable is .asp?[W/WPH/C/N]={value}
The following variables are &[W/WPH/C/N]={value} so would show the routemap for the Dumont world centered in BSB.

Also you can update all flightplans in an alliance with{alliance name}

The maps and flightplans work properly. The issue is with the statistics dashboard.

This page with all the statistics doesn’t work with Otto.

I edited the original post to make it a bit clearer (hopefully).

Sorry, my bad. The statistics are updated manually by the owner of the webpage as far as I’m aware. He doesn’t play airlinesim anymore though so not sure how to get in touch.

No worries. Thanks, anyways!

I thought he still checked these forums, but maybe not. I guess we’ll see.

He is still playing on Idlewild. And from time to time he follows that topic here. Patience.

After an initial inclusion of the temporary worlds I have started to exclude them from the stats. There are quite a lot of them by now and the importing is a semi-manual process. Especially when the worlds end/restart it’s quite a bit of work.

I was also under the impression, that given the limited time, it’s not that important.

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I don’t seem to be the only one with this issue, and I’ve cross checked with other devices, browsers, networks, and cookie clears to ensure it wasn’t me…

Site is essentially nonfunctional.

It is functional and working. Only stats as stated by Matth are not working 100%. Just as a reminder - it is a private project by Matth and not an official AS tool.

Well, now it is… It definitely wasn’t earlier. I put it here simply because it was the most recent thread related to it.

I’m well aware of the third party nature.

and of course another error pops up…


as I cannot read german for the life of me, someone can hopefully explain…
(both on PC + mobile, pops up trying to load a route-map after manually updating it)

Delete the cache of your browser and try it again.

There are some weird errors popping up and the server is acting strange.

I am aware of that, but I haven’t been able to figure out what causes the problems. I adjusted some settings to mitigate the issues, but I’m still searching for the root cause. Since I haven’t made any changes lately, it is a bit puzzling…

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Seems to be working now. Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s still the occasional error, but it seems to be much better now.

And I have included Otto now too in the statistics.


Thanks, Matth! Much appreciated.