ASX Tools Chrome Extension for Airline Sim

I’ve been playing AS for several years now (I think 5 or 6).

Multiple times in the past few months the subject of chrome extensions came up, both related to AS with the old ASE extension, and for other reasons outside of AS.

I decided the best way to learn how chrome extensions work was to actually write one from scratch. Writing one for AS seemed like a good fit since it was something I was interested in.

Long story short, this is the extension I have right now. It has four features to start with, and I have ideas for adding more over time.

Current features

  1. Embedded AS Route Map Link on the airline info page.

This was a good first item to tackle since it wasn’t very complicated, but it is useful. I use AS Route Map all the time, and I know other people do, too.

Click on an airline and go to the overview page. Next to the “short-haul”, “medium-haul”, “long-haul” links it will now add a link to AS Route Map for that airline. Click the link and the flight map for that airline on AS Route Map will open in a new tab.

If it opens and you’re in the middle of the ocean, it means the airline does not exist or is not updated on AS Route Map.

  1. Salary adjustment relative to country average

This was something that is in the ASE extension, but was a good second item for me to work on. More complicated than a link, but not overly complicated. It functions much the same way as the ASE version.

On the personnel management page, in the last row of the table at the end in the “Country Average” column is a text box. That is how much you want to adjust salaries relative to the country average. You can do anything from -50% to 100%, which doubles the country average. 0% will set them to the country average.

As you change the amount, it will update what the proposed salaries are in the Country Average column in parentheses.

You must hit the submit button for the changes to be submitted to AS. Salaries will be updated one at a time. If the current salary already matches the proposed salary it will be skipped.

3 & 4. Service profile templates and cabin configuration templates

These two items function in much the same way. You can save your current service profiles and cabin configurations as templates, then reload them into a new airline. It can be an airline on the current server or a different server. It also works with private servers.

This will allow you to get new airlines up and running with less tedious re-entry of service profiles and cabin configurations. I hated re-entering service profiles and cabin configurations when servers were starting or I was creating a subsidiary. This should alleviate that.

On either the Service Profiles or Cabin Configuration page there will be a new button “Add” next to each profile or cabin. There will also be an “ASX Templates” section in the last column.

Click the new “Add” button to add that item to your templates. It show immediately show up in the lower right ASX Templates section.

Go to a different airline. On the Service Profiles or Cabin Configuration pages, click “Copy” next to the template you want to import to you airline.

It may take a few seconds to copy. There are some messages in navbar on the right that show the progress.

The page should refresh when it’s done and you should see your new service profile or cabin configuration.

  1. Options page

On the pages where this extension works, there is an ASX menu added to the menu bar. It only contains one item now which is a link to a very basic options page. You can enable or disable stuff here if you want and make a couple of minor changes to the extension.

  1. Message Area

A message area for ASX messages was added to the right side of the main menu. Any information or updates from ASX will be put there.


PA747sp made an excellent guide for my extension. Changes were being made kind of quickly, so it’s a little outdated, but it’ll be updated, and it should still provide some assistance in using it right now and will be fleshed out as things get more stable and more polished.


The extension is still very early in development so it’s unrefined and unpolished.

There are some known bugs which I have already addressed, but didn’t make it to the Chrome Store yet.

The extension is on the Chrome extension store, but is not listed publicly, so you’ll need to use this link to get to it:

Current version: v0.0.0.8 - Alpha testing 8 (2023-01-27)


v0.0.0.8 - Alpha testing 8 (2023-01-27):
Added check for URL’s to stop scripts from running unnecessarily in some cases
Added modules
Async messaging working

v0.0.0.7 - Alpha testing 7 (2023-01-22):
Fixed issue with permanent worlds

v0.0.0.6 - Alpha testing 6 (2023-01-20):
Fixed issue where AS Route Map Link always linked to user’s airline

v0.0.0.5 - Alpha testing 5 (2023-01-19):
Small cosmetic changes and additional messages when performing certain actions
Changes to data storage keys
More internal design and data structure changes

v0.0.0.4 - Alpha testing 4 (2023-01-15):
Improves startup performance
Sorts service profiles
Adds formatted options page
Adds formatted about page
Couple of minor cosmetic changes
Lots of internal changes to design and data structures

v0.0.0.3 - Alpha testing 3 (2023-01-05):
Initial release with basic functionality

That’s about it for now. Bugs, issues, questions, feedback of any kind or all welcome.



Thank you so much for this! Being able to easily adjust salaries, copy service profiles and easily reach AS routemap is such an incredible thing.

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Wow thank you ! Copying profiles and configs is incredibly helpful.



The cabin configuration and service profile templates should end up being a timesaver for people, especially if they create a lot of airlines. Plus it just removes the drudgery of re-entering them for 100th time.

If you run into any problems, even small ones, please let me know. It’s a very early version of this, so I expect bugs and if I know about them I can get them fixed quickly.

Also, there should be updates every few days for a while as I get this a bit more stable, so improvements and fixes should be coming out fairly regularly for a while.

Just for info purposes, current version in the chrome webstore is Alpha 3 (


Awesome. Did not yet have enough time to check the whole tool set but to store templates is something we were waiting now for ages… Thank you so much!

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Thank you for your work!

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WOW Thank you so much for this extension. To me it is a game changer and will make our lives so much easier.

Thank you!

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Link to AS routemap disappeared… anybody else having troubles?


I can’t reproduce that on my end, so I’ll need a little more info. I sent you a message.

I did find another issue related to the AS Route Map Link (it always points to your airline now), so I’ll get that fixed and up on chrome webstore tonight. It’ll be available once they review it (usually takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

EDIT: This issue was fixed in alpha testing 7 build. Extension should be relatively stable now with all basic functionality working.


I find it useful,

could you consider also showing the as-route link on the main airline page no just the “info” page ? Even if not seeing the map it is practical when managing several airlines.

I don’t know if it’s possible but also a “create airline” button if it’s not already in airlinesim, it would be a nice thing not to have to find the airline ID and go to asmap’s main page to create the airline there.

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I can add the link to another page pretty easily.

I also like the idea of a link to create the airline in AS Route Map, I’ll see what I can do about that.

I got the ASRM links on the airline overview page. ‘Update ASRM’ will create/update the airline on ASRM.

As soon as google approves the change to the extension it will be available. They usually take from 1 to 3 days to do this.

It will be build (Alpha build 9).