Best Large short range aircraft?

This is quite self explanatory. What are the best options for an aircraft with a very short range (or atleast profitable on a very short range) but can carry lots of passengers?

What do you mean by very short range? Less than 200km? Less than 500km? Less than 1000km?

It also depends on the airport size. The bigger the airport the longer the turnaround time.

For distances of about 500km? Dash8-400A seem to be profitable for shuttling between 2 close airports but if the demand is high, is it best just to add lots of frequencies of it or just use a bigger aircraft? And if so, which ones are good?

737-900er BGW …

ATR 72 or ATR 42

Lots of small aircraft between two big airports can be seen as slot blocking. So you better use bigger planes like b737

If the market is more than 5 in demand, the 737-700 Bgw will be a nice choice