best server to start on as a beginner


I was wondering what might be the best server to start on right now, since they are all pretty competitive already. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

devau xD

we need more user^^

I’ve just been looking around for a possible starting airport, but it appears every other airline has at least 100 a/c and is somewhat settled in…

The servers with the least players often offer more opportunities, your more likely to encounter an undiscovered niche from where to operate your airline and grow and thrive, admittedly on the longer established servers there are some mega airlines but ultimately it’ll just be trial and error. Don’t necessarily expect to be able to set up your hub at a mega airport but I’m sure there are several 8 or 9 bar rated airports without dedicated airlines to be found.

There’s a massive opening in China on Tempelhof. WhiteSun quit a few weeks ago. That was the largest airline on Tempelhof BY A MILE with successful subsidies in Kuwait, Qatar and more.

If you know your Geography, then I would definately give it a go.