Booking a terminal

I am a reasonably experienced player but I was never into the terminals. So I have a few questions.

How much capacity should I bood? Let's say I have 1 daily flight this destination with 100 seats. LF is usually 100%. Should I book 700 or 1400 capacity? In the stationscreen I can only set the terminal for the departing flight. That would hint towards booking 700 seats. However in the Inventory-screen I am also able to set the terminal for the arriving airport. 

If so, would it make sense to use a 5* terminal for the departing airport? The flightrating alreaady seems to give 5 bars on terminals I just book the depart-airport. 

Edit: And what will happen when a terminal is overbooked? Will the pax stay at the airport? Or will flight just depart from T1?

Flights just depart from T1, there’s no overbooking penalty at the moment. There could be one in the future.

The arriving Terminal has no effect currently, so it doesn’t matter.