Bought an aircraft mistakely


I was trying to understand how the new tool about used aircrafts. I’m not the best user of the english language and I bought an aircraft that i didn’t wanted to do so. I was just wanted to lease that. How can I take my money back?? Can the support team buy it back?? My airline is Honour Airways in Pearls server and the registration of the aircraft is N28HON. Help me please…:mellow:

Unfortunately we can’t help you here too.

Is it an aircraft type others might want? You can relist it for sale only, and even if someone leases it, you will be able to sell it (the ATLO essentially buys the plane leases it to the airline)

It is the 737-700 BGW. I put it for sale or lease. Is it OK?? What will be the amount of money that I’ll take back?? The aircraft will be automatically buyed and then leased?? Did I understand well??

Pretty sure you need to wait until someone buy it from you.

and when you want to sell it put it in for only sell. somebody could press the lease button and you cann’t sell it for some time…

And can someone buy the aircraft by credit?? I mean…At the moment I have a debt because of this aircraft…Can someone buy it by Credit and take also the debt that I have?? Or I have to pay for the whole aircraft and then someone other will buy it??

You bought airplane and you have a loan for it. If they buy it with cash you will get the cash. If they buy it with credit the bank will give them a loan and you the cash. If they lease it (and you haven’t offered it for lease) the bank will buy it and give you the cash (then lease it to them).

In all of the above scenarios you will still have a loan. You can use the cash to pay off the loan. Or expand by leasing tons of planes and proving that the new aircraft market is ripe for unrealistic exploitation.

And what is % Airlinesim Team taking for selling my aircraft? If I chose the 100% price for selling and it is, for example, 24 mln, and the aircraft is listed for 28 mln, should I take back 24 mln?? Or more? Or less?

You will take whatever the person pays. There is no commission. For some reason the starting price is not the first biddable a price, but a value the first biddable price is based on. Not sure if this is a bug.

Hi all again and thanks for the replies!

One last question (I hope)… Is my aircraft visible at the aircraft market?? I’m entering there and I can’t see it. All the other 737-700’s that are in the market have a bid but I have not anyone. Can anyone who plays at the Pearls server tell me if my aircraft is on the market??

Yep I saw it another day, however you may want to lower the price considerably.

And how can I do that?? I think that it is done automatically. Or not??

When u r going to sell it gives you options of what percentage if the purchased price you wish to sell it at select a lower percentage so the the rate is 150000-165000 a week you can’t lease it but the bank will buy it of you ( pay the full price ) and then lease it to Someone on a weekly basis

Hi again! And thank you all for helping me.

I think that I made one more mistake. I’ve put the aircraft at the market at lower price and it was for lease also. Someone leased the aircraft DIRECTLY from me. Will I take cash from the bank now??

No, you will receive lease payments from the lesee. These payments will be SMALLER then the interest on your loan, so you’ll actually be loosing money every week. How big is your airline? Perhaps it is time to start over. Alternatively you can piss of the the lessee (who will be paying $100,000 or so for the seats) and terminate the lease. You won’t get the plane back for a week, but when you do you can try selling it again.