Hi everyone,

We just noticed one of our alliance major partner has ceased operation this morning, which has and will continuous damage Lavender Air’s international transportation significantly.
Based on this urgent incident, Lavender Group will react quickly to minimise the influence of losing our major partner. A new company has been launched by group to answer the uncertainty in the coming month. Every penny on hand will be used to maintain stable Lavender’s market influence especially domestic till we fill up the market again. Let’s hope the best for the future of the Group.

Best regards,
CEO of Lavender Group


oh man. What a poor business plan! Why are you so reliant on your partner?


Has he been cheating and got deleted by admins or just resigned on his own? The guy has been putting an enormous amount of effort into this airline so it is unusual to suddenly delete it.


Not sure.

I’m quite interested in this Lavender group. What is your secret Sir? How did you get to be so successful.

Also, how did your holding end up with aircraft?

You own 3 aircraft from December, 5 more in Jan. no seats. No routes. Are you able to take out loans because of this? How do you pay for them if you have no income stream?


always need a thing to transfer the cash between the companies


we are not supposed to discuss it, my best suggestion is to ask admins.


So you purchased them via subsidiary and transferred to holding company. How do you sell them? Do they sell?


what do u mean sell? To the market or between the subsidiaries?


Nice to see some activity on this forum, since it has been pretty low traffic. I was really surprised to see UA disappear overnight. Certainly big shoes to fill, but I’m sure your family of companies is well equipped to handle the task.


If you do not know how to transfer money, search the forum and you will find a lot of threads how to. Don’t ask here in this thread as it is off topic.


Yes, nice to see some activity in the forum regarding Xiguan.
And of course very surprising that United America disappeared so suddenly.
In the news there is only one message regarding liquidation of United Link. Thus I wonder how this can happen, there is no message regarding the holding.
I am not assuming any deletion by admins, however it would be interesting to know.
To be honest, for a newbie like me it was very impressive and unimaginable how UA gained so much market power in such a short period of time. I started also on the first day in Xiguan and I care about my airline every day but I have no clue how an airline could have become so big.

Looking forward to fill some gaps. There are enough airlines left in the US. :wink:


I’m not sure what the case was, but I almost would have to assume there was some cheating going on with the airline in question. It’s about the only thing that makes sense


I’m going to guess this thread explains what happened to UA. Cheating


I noticed UA mainly relied on leasing the used a/c on the market (a bit expensive than order a new one). It should be the reason why a single airlines can grow so fast.

I noticed few others pro players shared same strategy, the WO in AMS ,PLT in JFK and PG in BKK. Middle ranged route, luxury chair, 200% price. They all shared same idea and started very very well in the very beginning(If first week’s profit is over 5 million, then means it is a good start of the race). However, according to my statics on 2019-03-11, UA fleet’s value reached 1.67 billion, PLT got 0.27 billion, WO got 0.85 billion and PG got 0.45 billion.
I guess these players have less used a/c on their fleet (there is no easy and accurate way to count the transactions happened in used market like simply keeping daily record of fleets of all airlines) which leads to the big gap in between.


The Lavender Group and United America is one and the same person. And the new Airline “Lavender United” use the same code as United America (UA). And if you look at the different companies, they all have the same system.
These scams must be stopped!!!


Why you have two accounts reply with the exactly same content ???
Before I am going to comment on your funny accusation, I want to ask are you using MULTI Accounts?


Accusing each other on the forums isn’t helpful.

There are still further investigations happening on Xiguan am I’m sure further consequences will become apparent of the course of this week. But we’ll not be drawing any conclusions from speculations on this thread, but go by the evidence we have collected on Xiguan.

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