Building Contracts

Having a slight problem with one of my contracts. My holding company has built a terminal in my airlines base of Sofia on pearls. Originally it all worked fine and then I extended the capacity of the the terminal. After that I started a new contract with new capacity allowance. To make things simpler and easier I decided to cancel the two contracts and create one larger one. After doing this my holding company can create an offer, but then this offer does not show up on the enterprise page. All that comes up is the terminated contracts. I was wondering whether I am doing something wrong with the creating of the contract or is there something else I am missing? For example do building contracts operate the same as maintenance contracts needing to last 2 weeks before changing? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. This is the first time I have managed to venture into this feature so it is new to me. I keep reading that it is not really worth the time and effort, but I just wanted to have a crack at it anyway.



I posted the terminal offer for nearly two weeks and still not approved by support. Basically when you post a terminal offer, it is subject to approve by support. I think all support are on holiday/vacation now, so no one will approve your offer.

Right, maybe just have to wait it out then.

It appears that these contracts do last for two weeks like the Mx contracts do. Can someone from the team confirm this?

A contratc is running 1 week and is prolonging another week if not canceled.

Thanks SK. If the contract is cancelled it would take the rest of the week for it to be terminated? Would I be correct in thinking this? Cheers.

Yep, you are correct.

Ok so you need to make terminal bigger