Cabin Configuration for Long Haul Flights

Any tips for cabin configuration on long haul flights?

Let’s say Singapore to London Heathrow which is 12,000km. How should I configure my business seats? Business Premium seats only give me 4 bars rating on 11,000km but if I move a level higher in providing business cabin with Golden Class there is too little seats to earn a profit. I am now having a hard time making profit with widebody plane on long haul flights. :(

So I hope forumers here can point me to the right way. Thanks!

you didn’t say which aircraft

use google


aircraft type + seating chart

I am also facing prob in this too!

As "daryk007" wrote: a good way to evaluate configurations is google. Many airlines show their seating charts and this could give you some orientation for your decision. I doe this quiet often to simulate realistic arrangements.