Cabin configuration

Hello everyone,

I am new to the game, and I tried to find something in the forum but I did not succed.

First, I run very often into an "internal error" screen, for several operations, like after a click on one of my fleets.

Second, I can’t understand something about cabin configuration :

  • When I start a game, buy a place, plan a route, etc. I found a standard configuration per aircraft for my cabins. OK

  • When I want to establish a personal config, I just have much less seats than the standard config. Even if I’m choosing EXACTLY the same options than the standard config, I can’t have as many seats. Is there something I don’t understand?

Third, even if I let a 4 hour gap in my schedules for daily maintenance, and keep a maintenance ratio above 100%, my aircrafts conditions still go under 50%. I chose African. Then all my flights were cancelled due to bad condition.

I’ve tried the game once but just a few persons would book my flights and I went very quickly in red.

I’ve just started over, with a preliminary study on airports frequentation, unused time slots study, lighter schedules with 5 hours gap / day and younger aircrafts, I hope this will get better.

Thanks for the help.

First of all Hi and welcome :rolleyes:

If you experience the Internal error Problem it could have to do something your ISP or your settings. Best thing to do in this case it ask the support for any advice under

2nd … if you click on the 2 turning gearbox type wheels and there under Game settings you can modify the comfort settings of the game so you can choose for example your personal setting for the cabin after the aircraft is delivered. I always choose my own setting for the cabin. Standard settings I can not recommend because everybody uses a setting that suites him and his strategy. Standard setting is a 2 class seating with high density seating which in turn will result in a lower ranking in the ORS and will bring you less Passengers.

For the maintenance simply choose another company. Avia and Helvetic are the most favoured ones and when you keep you Rating above 100% you will be fine.

And last but not least … if you give us your company name and the server you will get some help if asked for. In general find a place you like to start with. Have a look in the ORS system if you have on the routes you like to fly already competition, what aircrafts are they flying and what is their Price. Start with a smaller aircraft like Dash8-400 or CRJ’s. Offer your Passengers a good service Profile on all distances you are planning to fly. Then plan your flights put the Price in and then you have to wait. Every Airport is getting a Passengerupdate only once in 24hrs and a reliable judgement if a route is working or not you can see after 3-5 days. Then you can finetune your route or find youself a different route and try again.

Which model of seats are good for mid-range flights???

I usually go for Economy, Business Premium, and Diamond.

I usually find that by putting in better seats in Business and First, I can usually charge higher prices and get a better margin.


Just got a new 787-8 any suggestions for cabin config…I’m playing a route from Tokyo to Vancouver (NRT-YVR)

Maybe you can look at real layouts of 787-operators to have an orientation.