Calculated vs. Mazimum Payload Question

I am considering acquiring aircraft to add flights where the calculated payload is less than 100% of the maximum payload. In theory, use of upgraded seats (i.e. not the highest density seating possible) I should be able to accomodate a 100% load factor, as I would not need the 100% payload capability, as I would not have the maximum passengers on board (for example, my 73G seats 124 even though the max is 149). I think this is correct in theory, but I am not sure how this is modeled in the game, or how to figure it out in the game.

Does anybody have any insight into how this works?


You are correct. I think each passenger weighs 90kgs and each cargo unit weighs 100kg. You can double check this by going to the aircraft comparison tool and trying out the aircraft in question over the route you are interested in with the standard seats. This will tell you how many total seats you can fly on the route (with 0 cargo).

Very Helpful. Thanks!

Small correction: a passenger is calculated with 95 kg, not 90 kg.