Can't buy credits

Hi all,
I’m trying to buy credits but the system won’t let me. I’m -8 credits at the moment. When I try to pay using credit/debit card, I choose that option which then takes me to the confirmation screen (the next screen after choosing credit card option) and stays there. There is not button to confirm payment and allow it to proceed. Have emailed support but have not had a response. Has anyone else had this trouble?


I had no problems, some moments ago. You can try to use another browser. This helps me sometimes when I have such problems.

You can also use PayPal. If you don’t have account, just open up PayPal with your current card and then pay via PayPal, it will be debited from your card.

Tried to use CC on a different browser (I think :-)) and still no go. Ended up using Palpal. Thanks guys for your help.