Can't find a suitable aircraft for my airline!

I am trying to start an airline in Canouan, Saint Vincent, because I like small strips and I’ve been. It seems that alot of used aircraft suitable are in Toronto? Why are loads of aircraft in Toronto, and is there an easier way of finding used aircraft near my hub?

The closest aircraft manufacturer I think would be Piper; their in Florida, but AirlineSim doesn’t do Piper!

I am looking for a Dash-7/ BN-2/ PC-12/ C208 or something, but all are in Europe or Toronto!

Can anyone offer to help?


what’s your problem, buy or lease them and book XFER for free

Sorry I’m new to this; add what?

what i say about ‘add’ ?

you only must book a transfer flight (XFER) from toronto to your home airport, the transfer flight is for free

Read the wiki

You can lease or buy from anywhere.

So get one from Toronto Pearson.

Then once it’s leased go to fleet, click on the box next to your aircraft and the box next to “transfer aircraft to” and transfer to your main airport. It will take up to a day in some cases but it’s free.

But you have to hire pilots first

You don’t - new AS comfort feature to ease the starting process.

Thanks for the info ( i didn´t lease or buy new aircrafts since they changed this i only rearranged some routes)

EDIT: But you are wrong , you still have to check the "assign pilots" checkbox

It has been automatically deactivated for already existing accounts for obvious reasons.

And again …thank you