CAOM Compagnie Aerienne Outre-Mer


Bonjour. We are the new airline serving the French oversea territories. “CAOM” - or Compagnie Aerienne Outre-Mer - was founded not long ago and started operations with a tiny fleet of two Bombardier Q400 and a single Boeing 737-500. After we achieved our first target, connecting the most important islands in French Polynesia, we expanded with the Boeing 737 to New Caledonia and connected Noumea to our Pacific network. Since then we switched from the small Boeing to a large Airbus A320-200 and then added an Airbus A321-200. 

Within the next days our new Bombardier Q300 will expand our network in New Caledonia with flights starting in Noumea Tontouta, which makes us more interesting for foreign companies since it's a more near destination than Faa'a International Airport / Papeete. 

‘We hope for an ongoing success for our little airline.’ - CEO Jean-Louis Leques.

Fact sheet about CAOM:


Headquarters: Faa'a International Airport, French Polynesia, France

CEO: Jean-Louis Leques

Destinations: 73 (mainly French territory)

Hub: Faa’a International Airport (PPT), F.P., France

2nd Hub: Tontouta Airport (NOU), N.C., France

3rd Hub: St. Denis Roland Garros Airport (RUN), Reunion, France

Fleet: 34

Airbus A320-200 (14)

130Y / 16Y+ = 146 seats

Airbus A321-200 (1)

160Y / 18Y+ = 178 seats

Airbus A330-300 (1)

265Y / 46C = 311 seats

Airbus A340-200 (1)

243Y / 40C = 283 seats

Bombardier Q100 (2)

33Y / 4Y+ = 37 seats

Bombardier Q300 (2)

45Y / 7Y+ = 52 seats

Bombardier Q400 (13)

63Y / 10Y+ = 73 seats

CAOM offers Business class on Airbus A330/A340 only but an improved Economy class / Economy Premium (Y+) on all other planes

Have a nice day! And think about flying into one of our hubs!  :excl:


UPDATED: 11/07/2013



CAOM took delivery of it's second Airbus A320-200. The plane arrived Noumea as its new home and was named "Leeward Islands" (F-OAAF). It will serve initially daily Faa'a and Nadi but also Brisbane Airport or Gold Coast Airport are possible destinations to connect the islands in the Pacific to Australia and therefor to a large network of intercontinental flights - including Europe.

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CAOM's further expansions


Compagnie Aerienne Outre-Mer leased three more planes since the last update some time ago. A fourth Bombardier Q400 (F-OAAI) named "Nuku Hiva" was based at Faa'a Int. Airport. It introduced some routes which were demanded by the Polynesian government; routes to Ana'a, Arutua and Rimatara. In addition a new air route to Gambier Island (French Polynesia) was established. This route is the gate to the Pitcairn Islands and is subsidized by the governments of New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Four weekly connections between Faa'a and Gambier are flown, a fairy awaits passengers willing to travel to Pitcairn.

Also two new Airbus A320-200 were leased. F-OAAG/AH are the “new” planes in the fleet - which are significantly older than both first Airbus A320. Named “Austral Islands” and “Society Islands” these planes are already in service since a week. The expansion of CAOM led to international destinations like Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Rarotonga and Nadi already - all served with Airbus A320/A321. Another Airbus A320-200 will join the fleet today to server Faa’a to Auckland nonstop and increase the Nadi route to daily. F-OAAJ gets the name “Loyalty Islands” - which is also the first narrowbody to be named after a non-Polynesian island group.

The financial report of the largest Polynesian airline predicts a glorious future for it. More than AS$ 5 million revenue and a profit far over AS$ 1 million set the employees and of course the CEO Jean-Louis Leques, too. “A healthy and thought-out growth path is very important when there is such a small market to serve. Our modern equipment with low leasing rates and well-trained and well-paid staff is the reason for such a huge success.” 

~ A Q400 pilot earns AS$ 1,009 per week with us. French average is AS$ 772. (+30.6%) ~

We wish you a happy weekend.  :ph34r: 


Inter-Island FARES


With 28th May all flights operating between Faa'a Int. Airport and the French Polynesian islands will be priced with the new "Inter-Island FARES". The new fares aiming price sensible passengers making holidays on the beautiful islands. Also the native people on the islands will have better chances to get a cheap flight ticket, too. The new price model will be tested on inter-Polynesian routes only and at least for the two first weeks of June. If it's a success we will operate with those new fares as standard - and expand it to New Caledonia.

The chart shows the basis of calculation

AS$ 59 / AS$ 109 (< 100 km)

AS$ 59 / AS$ 129 (< 150 km)

AS$ 69 / AS$ 149 (< 300 km)

AS$ 79 / AS$ 169 (< 450 km)

AS$ 99 / AS$ 189 (< 600 km)

AS$ 109 / AS$ 209 (< 800 km)

AS$ 119 / AS$ 229 (< 1,000 km)

AS$ 129 / AS$ 249 (< 1,200 km)

AS$ 149 / AS$ 249 (> 1,200 km)

“We hope these new fares will be a good chance for more people to travel with our modern fleet in this beautiful region.” ~ Jean-Louis Leques


CAOM's Inter-Island FARES Part II


After the success on the French Polynesian islands CAOM's CEO decided to activate the "Inter-Island FARES" on the New Caledonian routes, too. The booking on routes from Faa'a Int. Airport were increased significantly while the overall marges didn't decrease much.

Besides, the airline is seeking for a cheap solution to expand the Airbus fleet and may adds another Q300 to the fleet in Noumea. The CEO Leques stated the will to expand in further new markets but didn't mentioned what markets.

The financial situation of CAOM is still rosing. Last week came up with a total income of AS$ 7 million and a profit over AS$ 2 million.



CAOM goes wide and far


CAOM continues its growth path into the transpacific market. The narrowbody fleet of AIRBUS A320/A321 has grown to 12 member - 11 AIRBUS A320 and 1 AIRBUS A321. Yet there is only one seat configuration in all AIRBUS A320 respective AIRBUS A321 but the department plans to decrease Economy+ seats on some routes and increase Economy capacity. The regional fleet was additionally expanded by another Bombardier Q100 for short-haul routes from Faa'a International Airport. 

But the major improvement for CAOM was the successful start of long-haul flights with an AIRBUS A330-300 from Faa’a to San Francisco and on-going to Paris (vise-versa with tag-on to Sydney). Especially our Economy class is a very well received product.

AND on the Paris Air Show CEO Jean-Louis Leques signed a MoU for two AIRBUS A350-900 and seven AIRBUS A320NEO.






CAOM opens 3rd and last hub

With one AIRBUS A320 and three Bombardier Q400 CAOM has opened the third hub far away from the “old” hubs - Faa’a and Noumea. St. Denis de la Reunion was chosen as the last hub for the airline and already brought a major impact in a further rosing future of the third largest French airline and the largest Polynesian airline. With these successful expansions the airline added five more AIRBUS A320 NEO and two AIRBUS A350-900 to the MoUs from the Paris Air Show.

'We are proud of our airline which is matching the demand perfectly. The new hub is a major point in our strategy for future expansion. We also have a plan on our table for a really big project, but nothing serious yet." - CEO Leques.

The total fleet of CAOM Compagnie Aerienne Outre-Mer is as follows:

13 AIRBUS A320-200

01 AIRBUS A321-200

01 AIRBUS A330-300

02 Bombardier Dash 8-Q100

02 Bombardier Dash 8-Q300

11 Bombardier Dash 8-Q400




04 AIRBUS A350-900

AIRBUS A350-900 & AIRBUS A350-1000



CAOM evolves into a world airline


Today Leques was proud to announce the first booking of the "Around-The-World-Ticket" with solely CAOM flights. The passengers Maxime Couderc (48, m) and Francois Magras (45, m) were personally welcomed by the CEO at the new Europe connection point Paris Orly Airport where they start they journey with the first flight going to St. Denis (AOM 8). The AIRBUS A340-200 (F-OACU) - which is new in the fleet - brought the passengers along with about 200 other passengers with an on-time departure save to the 3rd hub of CAOM. Paris - St. Denis is by now the longest route in the CAOM network with about 9,300 km and a flight time of 11 hours. Part of the ATWT are some local hotels and domestic flights, e.g. St. Denis - Mauritius or St. Denis - Mayotte. Couderc and Magras' next stop will be Melbourne using AOM 5 (A340, too) which is a via flight to Faa'a International Airport. In Melbourne there is also the possiblity  to use the voucher for a free domestic flight ticket from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport with our partner Paradigm Airlines.

The whole routing of the ATWT-CAOM special is as follows:

Paris Orly - AOM 7/8 / A340-200 - St. Denis Roland Garros - AOM 5/6 / A340-200 - Melbourne Tullamarine - AOM 5/6 / A340-200 - Faa'a International - AOM 9/10 / A330-300 - San Francisco - AOM 9/10 / A330-300 - Paris Orly


New brand - new style - new continent!


A new subsidiary was founded by CAOM: the Compagnie Aerienne Regionale d'Europe (CARE!). The airline is a customer friendly company utilizing ATR 72 for flights from its hub Paris Orly Airport (ORY), France to destinations in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Already eleven ATR 72-212 connecting 31 destinations while fitted with comfortable leather seats like the passengers are used from CAOM planes with a combination of Economy and Economy+ seats with low fares and a route-matching service with very kind staff, because CARE! is not just a name.

CARE! We do.


This is a great read and im glad your airline is doing very well. I like writing PR releases for my airline in Fornebu forum.


This is a great read and im glad your airline is doing very well. I like writing PR releases for my airline in Fornebu forum.

Thank you in many ways. :P Had a look on your releases, they look pretty nice, too. :) Good luck! 

A little reformation for the CAOM Group was made today.

"CAOM Compagnie Aérienne Outre-Mer Holding SARL" is the new name of the head organisation (holding) which has different subsidiaries and institutions. To make the operations of the whole group more efficient the different companies were grouped in four "work groups". Group a) is the airline division which is the major part by revenue. The tourism division is the backbone of our airline operation since it is generating many travellers on tourism routes. A new company named "POLYAVIA" was founded when splitting the maintenance from CAOM's airline group. It does the scheduled maintenance of all airplanes at Faa'a, Noumea, St. Denis, Paris Orly and Fort de France and does also on-demand maintenance on partner's aircrafts. POLY.gate SARL and SARL build our Services division for services at the gate like baggage transportation and check-in or services if catering is needed.

Our PR department made a quick overview of all parts in this graphic:

*airline division part is the AirlineSim part


*no spellcheck - no time

Das ist ja noch halbwegs Übersichtlich :)

Trotzalledem sehr schön implentiert.



Das ist ja noch halbwegs Übersichtlich :)

Trotzalledem sehr schön implentiert.



Danke. :D Ich finde es noch super übersichtlich. :P


CAOM: still expanding on longhaul routes

The sixth widebody for longhaul operations was placed in service! F-OADA, an AIRBUS A330-300, is also our youngest lady.

The total list:

F-OAAP // AIRBUS A330-342 // "Polynesia Glory" // PPT based

F-OADA // AIRBUS A330-342 // "Guiana Sunshine" // ORY based

F-OACO // AIRBUS A340-211 // "Caribbean Fortune" // ORY based

F-OACU // AIRBUS A340-211 // "Reunion Pride" // RUN based

F-OACQ // AIRBUS A340-311 // "French Queen" // ORY based

F-OACX // AIRBUS A340-311 // "Martinique Starlight" // ORY based

Our longhaul routes:

From Faa'a Int. Airport (PPT) to...

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL), Australia // A342 (going on to RUN)

San Francisco Int. Airport (SFO), United States // A333 (going on to ORY)

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD), Australia // A333

From St. Denis Roland Garros Airport (RUN) to...

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL), Australia // A342 (going on to PPT)

Paris Orly (ORY), France // A333/A342/A343

From Paris Orly (ORY) to...

Cayenne Airport (CAY), French Guiana // A333

Martinique Int. Airport (FDF), Martinique // A343

Mauritius Int. Airport (MRU), Mauritius // A342

Montreal Trudeau Airport (YUL), Canada // A343

Pointe-à-Pitre Int. Airport (PTP), Guadeloupe // A342

San Francisco Int. Airport (SFO), United States // A333 (going on to PPT)

St. Denis Roland Garros Airport (RUN), Réunion // A333/A342/A343

In addition, we have 17 AIRBUS A320 and 2 AIRBUS A321.  :ph34r: 

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