Cargo Rating

Is it virtually impossible to get a good rating for Cargo in PAX planes ?

I have a flight with a 787, and it has 1 bar ORS rating for Cargo, even though everything else in the flight rating tab is maxed out except terminals and dedicated freighter.

I understand that, the dedicated freighter part is there to give cargo airlines a chance, and that makes sense when comparing palletized or containerized cargo capabilities agains bulk loading PAX planes, but really, what is the difference for your average item of cargo if the pallet/container is loaded in a belly of a 76Y or a belly of a 787 ?

It's again to balance wide-body a/c and cargo carriers for longhaul flights. Following your suggestion, the current long distance cargo business would be heavily influenced.

I understand the reason behind that suggestion, but the problem is ultimately not within the rating, but more within the missing cargo types. This underlying problem is well known and as far as I know on the agenda to be addressed in the not so near future.

Besides, there are quiet some topics on cargo within the forum, that describe the problems in regard to cargo itself and on the financial end, in regard to the unprofitable belly freight. And from my point of view, cargo remains a business that contributes some return, but ultimately, for most long-haul flights, it needs to be 'subsidized', by PAX.

I just want to fill the bellies of those 787s ;-) I've dumped the prices far below that of a dedicated freighter, but still only get one bar rating. Image, AC condition, price, staff etc all have 5 bar ratings, only terminal and dedicated freighter are at one bar. And as a result, the over all rating is also one bar...

You won't be able to change this for most of the cases. Although I am servicing about 60% of the global cargo market share, thus offering various feeds for long-haul flights by the my cargo network, I am even not able to fill half of the belly with prices close to minimum for many routes. So don't worry about the unfilled belly, which is a matter of fact, and think about producing more income at passenger level.

Yup. In the end, it won't be that "unprofitable". If there is no cargo (or just less than expected) filling the belly, then there will be no additional cost for cargo handling or fuel (additional weight). My 787 still gives profit from PAX, as long as I make it full or above 70% or something.