Certain flights display no bookable passengers seats, only cargo



I'm a new player, and have established 2 routes. On one route, BRU-LHR, there are a couple of flights where only cargo is scheduled, but no passengers. 


Basically the bookings are fine till a certain flight (meaning they display the booked passengers loads and cargo) then for a whole number of flights there won't be any passenger loads, where after a day it picks up again with passenger loads. It looks as if for a certain number of flights only cargo can be booked, but no passenger seats.  I attached a printscreen.


Does anyone know why this happens, and/or if  something needs to be done?



Can’t see the screenshot.

If no pax can book, it might be because you’re lacking the traffic rights. Where’s your airline based?

Hi Matth,

It's based in BRU. I tried to attach the screenshot.

That’s strange. As you seem to have traffic rights, it seems as if you didn’t have a cabin installed during that time. Did you remove/re-install the seats?

Other than that I’m a bit at a loss.

I didn't do any cabin change.. as you can see before and after , the configuration is the same.  Well, in any case flights are picking up again after :-)