Change of Airline Name by Admin

My airline was started on Gatow as "All-Russian Airways" but the name has been changed to "All Russian Airways". I was not sent any explanatory message.

I am unaware of the original name being in violation of any rule stipulated in the so-called naming conventions. Would anyone know what is at hand?

In defence of my original choice, I note that the prefix "all-", commonly separated from the rest of the word by a dash, is frequent in the English language: consider "all-night bar", "all-out war", "all-inclusive price", "The All-American Rejects". In fact, by removing the dash, the meaning of the word tends to change - All-Russian Airways means that it relates to the whole of Russia (a virtual marketing move of my virtual airline, I guess), while "all Russian airlines" are just all the airlines of Russia, 31 on Gatow.

I would therefore wish that the name could be changed back - how can I achieve this? Thank you!

It's already changed ;)

That's brilliant! Thank you so much!