Changing an Aircraft Reg

Hi, I am new here, and I wonder if it is by any chance at all to introduce to change aircraft reg?

I wan`t to have a different reg for different acft type as in real world.

For example British Airways have like:

G-ZBJx for B788
G-ZBLx for B789
G-XLxx for A380
G-VIxx for B777-200ERs
G-STBx for B777-300ER etc

I wish the same for my fleet to know wich acft type to use so regs and so on don`t get mixed up…

I don’t think you can.

You can however use the “Nickname” or “Notes” to make up your own ID’s, then sort on that to help you keep them organized.

I like to do this too, especially on unused a/c as “TBD” and then a fleet ID, so for my 787-8s I use TBD 788 and then I can easily put it into Ctrl-F to search for unused A/C

You can also filter fleet management by fleet type. Does this not work?

See the ‘Aircraft Model’ header up top

You could also apply the same/similar name for the same a/c type, like LH does for their mainline, so that fleet types have similar names.

Unfortunately I’m sure we can’t change them, and there’s a chance that because (except US airlines) its on a first come first serve allocation basis, I doubt martin can either. Not at least to the degree you’d like.