Changing seat pitch of already installed cabin


I noticed that one is able to edit already installed cabin configurations, namely adjust the number of extra flight attendants.

Is there any way one could adjust the pitch of seats without having to pay for the entire cabin to reconfigured?

I'd like to keep the cabin as is and just offer more legroom.


I’d say you can simply make a new cabin configuration and apply that to your planes.

When changing a config on a plane you only pay for the seats that are actually required to make the change, not the full price.

If you keep the same seat types and number of seats (or less) you wont pay anything. This update was awesome as for years each cabin modification (expect flight attendant) made on pay for the entire cabin!

Awesome! I didn't realise that.


I have a follow-up question:

When does the new configuration (i.e., same seat type but less seats/more leg room) take effect?

If it takes effect immediately, but old config is fully booked, one will take a hit on 'cancellation' of the shortfall in seats upon re-configuration, right?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You have to install that new configuration. New flights booked after the install will use the new config, any flight already instanced, will still use the old config.

Instead of going less seats more leg room, I would rather get better seats. You gain much more from getting better seats which include more legroom anyways.