Cheating still going on and nothing happens

Dear team,

Please stop some players in making it unrealistic to play this game, example player starts one month ago, has 900k pax and has now 90 aircraft this is not realistic if you start with 10 million.

Come on do something

If you found someone cheating please report him using the proper tools. Saying this won’t help anything :)

Well one explanation could be; this is a user who is quite experienced and knows what are the busiest routes…so he/she got a big plane and makes it fly a lot making him/her 30000AS$ per flight and then using that money to expand his/her fleet by growing into even more busier routes…

or he/she was smart enough and traded a bunch of planes making profit and hence being able to expand quickly

really…anything could have happened! ;)

l yes its become a trading game! with fokker 50 Aircraft you cant make 30K flights , Reporting thru the normal channels are not handeld, sorry i have done this many times even directly to Martin.

Anyways see it as a last scream in the desert as it seems that the original players are ok with a trading game and not an airline operations game. maybe im in the wrong game.

As AS states on the home page:

The only Airline Simulation of its kind

With over 300 different aircraft, nearly 4000 destinations worldwide, and a realistic economic model, AirlineSim offers you the opportunity to manage the airline of your dreams. Are you willing to take a shot at building an aviation empire?

Nothing about becoming a aircraft broker.

You dont even have any tools. i was UAB member and there is no bite to the UAB Sorry

Just to be sure, can you send me the name of the company in a PM? UAB is currently dealing with probably ten different cases of rule violations. Maybe we are dealing with this one as well.

Send me the information too and if you have a ticket number, please provide this to me too. I will take a look at this.

I have an airline started exactly one month ago with 680,000PAX transported and 54 planes. Is this ok? Ain’t I am cheating? <_<

Are you cheating?

You also have to concider the age of the aircraft…i mean you can get almost 100 old planes with 10 mil if you really wanted to

My airline is 6 months old and only has 30 aircraft. Am I really bad at this game or just the only one playing it properly???

My airline is 5 years old and has 15 aircraft. What’s the point?

Pretty sure you could buy more if you wanted!

I think that in most cases it really depends on the business-model and the individual way of a player to do business. For example I am a rather "risky" player with some phases of strong expansion and sometimes I did nothing for weeks or even for months. The vast majority of my expansion occur with used aircraft which are financially viable and reflect or fit into my business-concept. Lately I experimented that much that some of my airlines really suffered but hey - it is a game! However it is clear for example that I wouldn’t be able to expand from a fleet 30 to nearly 70 aircraft unless they are cheap MD-80s etc.

Surely you need strong enough markets to support such a surge of offered capacity and I look at new routes for one week and in case of no break-even or profit such routes are shut down while other routes with high demand mostly get additional frequencies with the available airplane. This is also a strategy to cope with huge competition and to retain market-shares and to offer some relief because on these high-demanded routes the aircraft are full and I don’t know how many passengers were not able to book a particular flight because of full bookings. My way of doing business is also a personal way to learn from mistakes or to evaluate markets. A fine example is my shuttle-subsidiary which is currently in a phase of re-organisation becasue the 142-seat MD-88s are simply too big while my 128-seat 737-300 and 102-seat Fokker 100s are fine.

No, You are not bad and not the only one who plays probably. I tend to say - according to your information about the size of your fleet - that you have a very conservative and wise approach in doing business and this is fine. I have some smaller airlines which also expand very slowly.

Correct. Theoretically you can buy a great bunch of old and cheap aircraft. The secret is to operate them efficiently and can be very difficult.

Regards is correct on many counts. But there are no 100 MD80 aircraft available cheap. But anyways, SK i will make a new ticket, YB ill mail you

Cheap answer Martin

I don’t think so. In fact, it’s pretty precise: Basically, what u667gf was saying is that "someone else has more aircraft than me and got them in less time than me, so that person must be cheating". That’s oversimplifying things dramatically and makes an invalid accusation.

It might be an indicator for cheating, but whether something is cheating or not has to be decided by us or - if we cannot come to a clear and/or easy decision - the User Advisory Board. Until that decision has been made we’d like to stick to the basic legal principle of "innocent until proven guilty" and that includes that people are not accused in public.


Thank you for the reply. But let me be frack, in the last few years there have been no tools developed to readout the logfiles and make corrective decisions. Only after a lot of noise something happens. Multi Accounting seems simple to check, bu how about people that use a Proxy, work account and home account, Martin if people want to cheat the will, its human nature.

What im asking for and im not making anybody guilty before proven, is to look at the situations, speculations and aircraft trading that is out our the ordinary.

I still see lots of companies buying stock and disappearing a day later? Not realistic because you need to be able to be a premium member to buy stock, so why setup an account, buy stock and quit?\

I summited a report about the maybe/possible/strange acount. SK responded to me and according to him its possible that the airline is legit, but how ever you calculate it in the raw, its not possible in the game or the guy has no costs either. So no fuel, routes, ect then yes.

Anyways i will let it rest as it seems im one of the last Indians that believe aircraft trading is a different game.

You complained about a company spending 20,000,000 AS$ within 6 or 7 weeks. That is nothing unusual - the most companies are spending this but for newer aircraft and not for the cheap once this airline have chosen. Why shall this be a problem?

You guys made my day. No actually, you made my 2013! Hilarious!