Choice of aircraft for short busy routes

My busiest route is less than 300 km with almost 30,000 pax per week. Using Dash 400 thats around 60 flights a day. I’m getting concerned about the number of slots this is consuming, but if I switch to larger aircraft I don’t get the loading and the profit drops to negative. How do you handle short busy routes? What kind of aircraft? Does it make sense to scrap all the services?

best candidate for this 737-900ER BGW but q400 is the best choice for this short route

and there are only 42 times daily connections between BEY - AMM ;)

but your problem is normal

and it getting worse :rolleyes:

I have been using the a318 light on routes of less than the distance and it works fine. The profit is less than a Q400 but it allows me to fly to more places by freeing up capacity.

ok… how about a bigger jet, but then cram 'em in and give’em no food, Ryanair style? :rolleyes:

I think the dgital pax here are smarter than their real world counterparts.