Combine two enterprise into one

Hi, I have a question about combining two enterprise into one.

My setup is both ent A and ent B is on market and I am the director for both. Now I want to move all flights from ent B into ent A and close ent B for some reason, and ideally I want to move all the money in ent B to ent A as well. Any way to achieve that?

I have thought about aircraft trade but it is forbidden now between own enterprises. Thanks!

If they’re separate holdings, then I believe there is no way to do this the way you said… you have to make new flight numbers on different aircraft in Enterprise A to transfer B’s flights. If they’re subsidiaries for whatever reason then the $ of the bankrupt enterprise goes to the holding co., otherwise it’s $ lost. You could try and get some of your planes back by rebidding them on the UM, but that’s assuming they all come out relatively quickly and no one is competing, and we all know that’s rarely the case…

Thanks jetcruise0707!

They share the same holding. And when I try to reset ent B it actually gave me an error
Enterprises listed on the stock market may not be liquidated.

This means I have to wait it bankrupt in order to get rid of it. But then there will be no value back to the holding which is not I would expect.

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An enterprise that is listed on the stock exchange cannot be liquidated other than bankruptcy. Also you cannot transfer assets (and therefore cash) freely once an enterprise is on the market.

If you own 100% shares, maybe contact AS admin, they may be able to liquidate for you. But that won’t solve your schedule problem

Thanks! I am not sure if a real world airline can choose to quit the market, if so then perhaps AS could add such features as well. But right now, I understand it is hard to transfer one ent completely to another.

Actually you don’t need to have 100% in order to liquidate.
You just need to be in control of the company.