Connecting flights not working?

Hey guys,

Maybe im going crazy but for some reason all of my Johannesburg flights are not connecting to my hub.

Here is an example of a flight landing into Lusaka with the connections displayed - for some reason the JNB flight is not showing.

Below is the confirmed schedule.

any reason why this might be happening, this is for all my JNB flights.


My guess is, that the connection distance is way to high.

JNB ↔ MPM is 423km

JNB ↔ LUN ↔ MPM is around 2.400km

I have in my mind, that the connection can only be twice as long as the direct connection. Maybe someone can confirm or correct me?

The distance MPM-JNB ist much shorter than the distance MPM-LUN-JNB.
AS-Pax don’t like extra km. Only 2 or 2,5 time s of the original-distance.

AirChaos was a little bit faster (and correct)

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ah okay thank you! Bit of a random thing to stop flights considering this route is not served directly…

Perfect thank you - though a silly rule imo

Why not serve MPM<>JNB with your airline??
On Gatow I have 10 flights a day and all flights are very good booked.

You wrote it is a silly rule.
Do you like tha plan flights MPM<>JFK<>JNB?

I might do, though with Yamoussoukro (5th freedom) I have to still go to my hub after the MPM > JNB sector is completed?

What is the legal homecountry of your airline?

Zambia :frowning: thats why i want to connect through Lusaka

Very easy.
I guess you have flights LUN<>JNB.
Every 2nd or 3rd flight my do the leg JNB<>MPM

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ah perfect thank you!