Connecting flights observation

Game world: Hellinikon

Hello to everyone,

i have a cargo flight between MEM-LOS

On leg LOS-MEM checking the analysis of the loads i notice 3 units "from external feeder".

I go the the Scheduling section of that flight and there are NO connections (active in green color).

Any idea?



I'm pretty sure that the connection time acceps a longer wait, when it comes to cargo. So when I look at your list, the 3 units could come from both Dakar or Ndjamena.

Yellow color means the connection still works, but are not attractive. Only red means no-go. If I’m right.

Maximum time for connections is 8 hours (15 hours on Devau), that's why those flights still show up as working connections.

Green - connection time less than 3 hours

Yellow - CT between 3 an 8 hours

Red - CT > 8 hours or below airport's minimum CT (not valid)